Negative sapphires

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19 March, 2016, 3:54 PM UTC

Yesterday i logged in and my account of sapphires were negative!...Is this a bug? How is that possible? I bought the St patricks day offer, and spend the most of my sapphires for reviving my arme in the BG arena.. And now i have a negative account :(

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19 March, 2016, 7:29 PM UTC

Dear Lord

you have to send a ticket to support for more details and review your logs. they are studing every case so click submit ticket


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23 March, 2016, 1:10 AM UTC
hello ! i am new to this game so i bought some packages from plarium i use some to revive troops that i lose doing some bg's so anyway i have a friend playing this game for a long time so this week-end he come at my place and he give me some tips for the game. so anyway he saw that i have a lot of sapphires so he got some stuffs and troops  but he told me to keep the left over of the sapphires for later use and that is what i did. the next day when i log on my account is in the negative so i open a tacket to know what was happening and the email that i received from them is to inform me that they are going to put my account back at zero ???? LMAO what a way to fix plarium mistake !!!! here its fix now buy some other packages from us so we can make more money ROFL....... i am asking them for the last 3 days for their legal department contact information but still no answer... they can call me sir all that they want but i really don't care about the sir thing.... so to me its not complicated plarium give me my money back or my sapphires back..... to be honest i will prefer my money back so i can take it and put it on a game where the company know how to fix things and fix problems the right way having in mind that we are their customers we are the one who give them money not the other way around like in this situation..... lets put back everybody to zero so they buy some other packages from us i guess they must hope that this server bug as they like to call it happen all the time so they make more money out of it so plarium give me back my money so i can go play somewhere else where they are happy and treat customers like customers not money maker machines
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