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17 March, 2016, 4:17 PM UTC

I enjoy that the travel time to hamlets is so fast. However, I do not enjoy how quickly an occupied hamlet can be attacked without notice. I am winning most of the defenses but the fact is on your challenges you always have "capture a hamlet" so all these brand new players are blowing themselves up on my hamlets all day long, without much understanding of why they should or the knowledge that the pvp hunters are just blasting through every hamlet in reach. 

This really does seem like a noob trap situation. Players either need a much better in-game explanation of what to expect when it comes to hamlets, or there needs to be an in-game alarm or notification when an attack is sent against a hamlet so players have a fair chance to pull their troops out.

 If nothing else add an attack alarm and change travel time to hamlets to normal travel time so someone 2 hours from my castle isnt hitting a hamlet 9 miles from my castle at light speed. At least that way players can look around them and get a reasonable idea of who would be trying to hit their hamlets, and they can do a better cost/benefit analysis of whether or not to capture one. Right now, that analysis would have to be a giant NO

Currently hamlets have nothing to do with resource boosting, and are instead a way for players to gain pvp points while circumventing and defense bonuses they'd normally have to fight. I dont think that is what was intended, and it should be addressed quickly. 

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18 March, 2016, 1:44 PM UTC

also need warranty  by plarium that nobody sees my troops in hamlet....... i receive to many precise attacks by few players

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