Feats of valor collection.

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14 March, 2016, 7:12 PM UTC

Feats of Valor, Top ten list, one time gets 500 sapphires plus other stuff.

Question is when do you collect the sapphires?

Wasn't Sunday because nothing happened.

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14 March, 2016, 7:39 PM UTC

Lord Stone

you have to finish the week in top ten (monday at 7:00 UTC) then you should get 500 sapphires, 25k food 25k iron 25k gold and 1 skull rune for first time.

if u havent received it being classificated in top 10 please send a ticket to help desk to watch ur logs and see what has happened submit ticket

Resistance Is Futile
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14 March, 2016, 10:07 PM UTC
Do I have to spend the entire week in the top ten to receive reward?
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15 March, 2016, 2:44 AM UTC
It doesn't matter what your rank is for the rest of the week, as long as you end up at top 10 by the end of weekly ranking at Monday 07:00 AM UTC, you'll get the feats of valor.
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