Suggestions for improved user interface.

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11 March, 2016, 8:55 AM UTC

These are suggestions I have posted elsewhere but I am re-posting them here for your convenience.  

First, a QUESTION:  Suggestions for improvements to display are often best explained pictorially.  How would one send you a small (48KB) JPEG file this type of suggestion  (image w/ brief supporting text) ?

Here are my other suggestions for improvements to SF:

(1) Add feature whereby Escape key will close any open child window.

(2) Extend the range of “zoom out” so that entire castle area is in view without the need to grab and drag the displayed image to see one portion at a time. I’m sure that most players would consider reduced resolution and suspension of animation at max “zoom out” to be as an acceptable trade-off.

(3) Why not change the caption “INFO” to “UPGRADE” for every case where an “INFO” button merely opens an “UPGRADE” window?

(4) Rethink the content of your information popups from the perspective of your clients. Happy clients are more inclined to grease your grubby palms with sapphire purchases. Unhappy newbies abandon the game.

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11 March, 2016, 10:20 AM UTC

Lord Barbary

thanks for ur suggetions. i think the admins will see it and take them in consider for future releases

Thanks again for ur contribution

Resistance Is Futile
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23 March, 2016, 6:26 PM UTC
While you're at it, add a zoom (out) feature for the regional view - it would be nice to be able to see more than just a few castles at a time. X10 would be nice, so you can see at least a dozen or so at a time instead of just 4 or 5? Sure would make raiding easier.
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