Combining Wands

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11 March, 2016, 5:59 AM UTC
We might all end up with level 4-8 wands in the bonus packs but no bonus packs have the upper wands. For instance the top bonus pack has 20 p to lvl 8 wands but my crystals are beyond that, wht not combine them like crystals instead of them sitting there useless
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11 March, 2016, 1:40 PM UTC

for one lv12 crystal you need 2048 lv1 for type...... you take 8 different type of cristal 4 def 4 off for any category, infarty, cav, occ, beast, and you can use only 3 type simultaneously (not even 50%)

lv  1 -  4   free to change

lv  5 -  8   need wand (2500 sapphire)

lv  9 -12   need wand (5000 sapphire)

you can see on its own that after years you build a crystal and if you change destroy it and wait other years for rebuild, at the same time fills you with useless things probable that you will never use, the conclusion is that being a long-term game, the long term lead to nothing.. not only pay but pay more 

suggested solution:

1 use free to change lv 1-4 crystal and wait build lv 12 for type you prefer (not pay)

2 build a def castle and a off castle but respecting the rules!!!!!!!!!! (not pay)

3 not pay give a damn and play a game for 33% of its potential because everything else is extra, the base is however sparse

ah i forgot, in the meantime level up Sanctum of Shards.... is very useful as new add

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