An observation on quests and tournaments

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28 February, 2016, 4:27 PM UTC

A question and some observations. What incentive is there for anyone, even coiners, to participate in the tournaments? The top dog or any in the top 100 have to amass a tremendous amount of losses to accrue any serious amount of pvp points (pvp tournament for example) that the rewards don't even begin to cover the losses. The same thing can be said for different reasons for the other tournaments the game has introduced. In others, such as the league quests - such as daily quest don't appear to update with any regularity. Troop Building also. In both cases, members (and ultimately the leagues) appear to being shortchanged, not receiving credit for their quests. I admit I might be wrong, but for example, I can build several diffent higher units which when completed to to the catacombs, with a score that remained unchanged from the time before. Additonal troops, completing the buidling process, appear in the cats a bit later (even as long as one to two hours or more) with no change recorded. Refreshing the page once or even several times doesn't update the score or credit for the troops successfully built. Has anyone else seen this? LadyDom, Capt GOA

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28 February, 2016, 7:32 PM UTC

regarding tournaments losses vs rewards, some can afford to spend sapphires to partially recover their lost units. if you can't do that, then you'd play tournaments wisely, and don't even bother try being in top100, it's not worth it anyway

for the dailies, league quests and such, just refresh your page to update the quest status

i've never had any issues with troops, but then again, if it's a glitch or a bug, it'll most likely occur randomly...
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29 February, 2016, 2:19 AM UTC

Tournaments are part of the games strategy and the main way to get sapphires, although you can get massive losses if you are not careful, it is like everything in the game... Risk-Reward. I can only suggest that you do what you enjoy the most.

The engine the developers use is a custom built one, and it wouldn't support real-time updates, I have asked about it before. As for your units appearing hours later, I can't say anything more then MrFree
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