Expanding the maximum amount of golds, iron, and food

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11 December, 2015, 11:38 AM UTC
how do i increase the mximum amount of gold, iron and food i get from battles
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11 December, 2015, 12:00 PM UTC

Lord Maggenej

you have to send troops that can carry at least the total amount to raid. then you have to spy and look the level of the castle and try to guess what can be their max storage. Keep in mind that a castle with 1 warehouse will have max storage about 73k and if it has two warehouses about 146k.

What does this mean? On a raid you're going to get maximum if it storage is more than 50% of his capacity, half of his resources, minus 5% the system gets. If his store is filled to less than half capacity, you'll get only 5% of what we have so far. This means that if you attack a castle with a store of 73k and then have about a 32k full, you're going to get only 5% of what his has, that is nothing, whereas if you wait and let it fill from about 40k on, the blow that you take is better.

A quick way to find out what may be, but not sure 100% full capacity storage system is to look at the food that has already normally up to par barns and storage, so if you see a level 38 guy gold 32k 32k iron and goldo and 73k food, you can make an estimate of its gold and iron levels will also be 73k, thus making a quick calculation not worth attacking you because you're taking only 5% gold 5% iron and 45% food .... unless you're in negative with food and need.

I leave more or less (not accurate) data that can help you know if the store victim is 100% or not

A level 20-24 maximum capacity is 4663 for each resource or the next step in 6775. They are quick hits without complications when resources urgently needed .... should have some on your list.

A 25-29.30 level, have at most 8150 of each resource, the next step 9800 and the following 14200 of each resource. They are shock and juiciest also quick and uncomplicated ... and should have a more extensive list in your list of looting.

you should pay attention to levels 40-45 that they are hits to take the max when you see their max capacity at 42888, 51501, 61863 and 74326 (all this with 1 warehouse) for 2 and 3 warehouses you have to spy them daily to set his max storage.

From these levels will vary and must be spying on them daily to see storage cap, target them carefully and aim more or less resource sharing, because as you know you have a weekly limit of 50K, which means that once reached if you raid it again you will not take anything.

hope this can help you, and sorry for my english


Resistance Is Futile
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17 December, 2015, 7:54 AM UTC
Thanks for the info, Juglar Del Veinto. 
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31 January, 2016, 1:10 PM UTC
There is a guide to raiding in this section, posted within the last week or two.
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