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Halloween contest! Win Powerful Units!

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30 October, 2015, 3:38 PM UTC

It’s Halloween in Darkshine, and we are honor-bound to observe the ancient traditions of our forefathers. Every year we spend this time telling each other scary stories – of battles gone wrong, or mischief gone right.

We cherish our traditions, and encourage everyone to take part. Therefore, Lords and Ladies, share with us your scary stories!

5 authors of the most terrifying tales will receive these gifts from Lord Oberon: The Fallen; 5 Necromancers; 5 Skull Runes!

Oberon, Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall
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30 October, 2015, 6:20 PM UTC

hope you all like it

although sorry for my english

Fear is not defined .... fear is felt...

John is dead, John died that night

It was a Saturday midnight, he was on internet and playing SF, looking for some objectives for pvps or some bgs to kill, when suddenly he received an unexpected visit.

The visit of a velvet spider that appeared below the keyboard…

John gripped a heavy paperweight and crush with a gesture full of cruelty to small arachnid ... …after a few seconds

Two new spiders entered into the scene and curiously went directly to the paperweight, climbed on and froze like watching the death of his partner.

Our particular and unfortunate friend, devised a new execution for them and for it he needed two things, a glass and insecticide, aimed to simulate a small gas chamber, to show his power, but ....

When he insert his foot to shoes, he felt a pang went through the thin skin of his right foot.

A fourth spider had hunted to the hunter, the die was cast.

John was at his last minutes of life.

His sight began to blur, as was leaned against the wall

He lost strength in the legs

he could hardly stand.

The area had received the lethal bite seemed to throb

The pain was becoming unbearable

The body temperature increased every moment

Until helplessly ... he plummeted to the ground

There was John, lying face down, his left cheek resting on the platform and with eyes wide open, looking no choice his right hand.

Joining efforts were useless. His body was completely paralyzed

Terrible screams echoed in his head, only on its head, because in the room was overwhelming silence, interrupted only by sporadic but steady drip of a pain-laden tears that marked a tragic countdown.

John contemplate something that terrified him

A larger spider climbed slowly past his hand. It was a black so bright he could almost see reflected in his abdomen the contorted expression on his face.

The lethal spider drop out and headed toward its giant dam. Immediately thereafter, to lose sight, he felt on his neck a slight tingling in his hair. Evidently, the spider was in his head.

Now do a test. Very gently stroking the tip of the index finger inside one of your ears. Do that. That's how it is. Very slow. Can you hear it? You feel it?

Well that's exactly what began to feel John. Needless to tell you what he had in his ear?

But the situation got even worse. A chilling zizag climbed his back under his shirt.

A new friend was going from side to side looking for something, perhaps the exact spot to end his private revenge.

After a couple of seconds in which the spiders stopped moving, John felt as if a pair of needles are nailed one on the neck and another on the inside of his head.


inhuman pain,

nausea that led to convulsions.

Uncontrollable tremors and a thin trickle of blood coming out of his nostrils.

But all in a terrible silence.

Were the horrible effects of a deadly poison that ended the life of John.

After a few days, the owner of the house, found the young man with the head completely wrapped in spiderweb.

When they withdrew, they  found an object in his face that he had no explanation ....

A paperweight

Then, have you been afraid ???

By the way I would take a look ... .before wear the shoes.

T to T.R.

Resistance Is Futile
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31 October, 2015, 3:28 PM UTC

...Hail..Lord Cameron of Celtic Frost called to Sarge, call MikRyder, Dek, Skin, Shadows Momma, Princess Ella..and the rest

tonight we build a fire here, beneath Darkshines skies. For tonight we Honor Mara, and a proper sacrifice WILL be offered up 

in her honor. Crusher,of Anarchy, that "dasterdly" foul mouthed beast, was captured by Orcs a few days ago, and left hacked, 

and bleeding.

  Kutu, and Lady Witchy, found the ugly beast, while scouting, since you cannot trust such a low life to not be haunting, where

he should not be. Which is what got him caught by the Orcs in the first place, he was trying to steal their iron mines,  sapphires,

and gold. His pockets were full, and the greedy fool would not dump them, to run, so he got just what he deserved, chopped up.

Lady Priscilla did lose her lunch, though Ras Ghul tried to protect her from the sight. ICEMAN, SOPMOD, Larry, and a few others, helped drag him into Lord Camerons outer baily, dipping in the moat a couple times(because he smelled so bad).

  They, thought him dead, but Dek, has kept him alive, "barely". Tonight, hehehe....he serves a much ...ummm..shall we say

higher, purpose? Handyman, you and Lady Boundless, help please, build that fire higher? Oh, yes, there will be a great feast

after, *Lord Cameron gently rubs his hands together in anticipation*, what think you men, we both teach a lesson to a pervert

and Mara our Queen, will greatly enjoy the ending of this one. 

  No "true man" would treat Ladies badly, it would be beneath him, but he would rather lift them up, even an enemy. Is all ready,

as the midnight hour approaches, and we must be ready. Yes, answers Sarge, the fire is burning, all, are gathered, we 

wait only the arrival of Mara herself. Every member was watching, excitement building, the "offering" , tied near the fire moaning,

Dek, keeping him alive, but allowing small amounts of blood to trickle into the fire. Knowing the tantalizing scent would draw

Mara, and her Demons to "their" awaiting Feast.

  Suddenly SHE, was there, the sky darkened with the demons wings, winds blowing, sparks flying from the fire, a shrill,

high pitched, screaming began, as Crusher of Anarchy realized finally his WELL deserved fate. Dek, cut him free, allowing

him to run, the Demons like the chase after all. And, run he did, like the coward he is,(as only cowardly males, speak ill to Ladies), but not far. The dancing flames 

casting shadows, sparks jumping, dust flying, a beautiful tango of death began. The screams would have been horrifiying

if from any other, as the Demons ripped Crusher apart, biting into his body.

  Mara, that lovely Lady stood blood spattered and smiling, accepting with grace this offering given by her people 

in thankfulness for her service. Taking her share of this "feast" as well, the black, evil heart, of Crusher, was brought

to her by her lead Demon. She gently petted him, with tenderness as she dined with real enjoyment, smiling with

favor on those who so thoughtfully remembered this, Hallowed Eve was HER...special night.....

Dekanogi Ulogilv
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31 October, 2015, 10:11 PM UTC

Here is my horror story- short and nightmarish for all:

I logged onto and it said, "Server Deleted".
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1 November, 2015, 10:48 PM UTC

Trick or treat!  Another group of goblins, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, princesses, and witches was at the door expecting candy.  I presented them with the standard offering of their choice of fun sized candy bars.  Midnight was rapidly approaching and the kids showing up at the door were getting slightly older as all the little kids were long in bed, unless sugar highs kept them awake.  Almost time for the party, just a little longer.

Trick or treat!  Now it was just teenagers showing up at the door.  Too old really to be trick or treating, but they were drawn by the promise of free candy and I didn't mind long as they had costumes on.  I saw one who was not wearing any costume.  Nearly 1am; almost time.  I warned him that he needed to put on a costume, and fast.  He sneered at me, said he'd do what he wanted and hand over the candy.  It was time.  Inside, the clock struck 1 am.  The moon, previously bright, was suddenly hidden behind the clouds and even the porch light seemed a bit dimmer.  The teenagers on the porch shuddered with a sudden chill.  

Trick or treat!  Another group of trick or treaters cried out as they appeared, loping up the driveway, but something felt...wrong.  2 blood drenched ghouls with oozing sores and gashes that were most convincing.  A werewolf with sharp fangs and matted fur.  The trio looked at the group on the porch.  They ignored the costumed boys but focused immediately on the boy in plain clothes.  The boy's eyes widened in terror and he fled into the darkness with the ghouls and werewolf in hot pursuit.  None of us saw what happened, but the spine chilling screams and howls left little doubt what happened next.   The costumed teenagers were paralyzed with terror.  I gave them a reassuring smile and told them that by the ancient covenant, they are safe.  Only those fools who do not disguise themselves need fear the monsters that roam the streets on All Hallow's Eve.

I went back inside and made sure everything was ready.  You see, it was not, in fact, my house.  I had approached earlier and been mistaken for a trick or treater.  Those foolish humans had invited me in to bob for apples.  Now they are tied up in the basement.   The werewolf and the ghouls are my guests.  I'm certain they'll return soon and then the party will begin.

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2 November, 2015, 1:31 AM UTC

The most terrifying thing about ghosts is that they are supernatural.  If they follow rules, they are rules we do not know or understand.  We don't know what power they possess or if they possess any power at all.  We see them acting out long forgotten events.  Some are oblivious to us while others are all too aware...

It is because of this that I showed such great reluctance when my friends wanted to explore the haunted house.  Chances are it was not really haunted, just a creepy house that kids make up stories about.  Goodness knows that many "ghosts" turn out to be wind, settling noises, wildlife, even other people pulling pranks.  I did let them convince me though and so here we are, standing before the house.

From the outside, it is modest and run down.  Its a ranch style house, single floor and boxy in appearance with garage attached at the side.  As we stand there looking, we see a light pass before the window on the inside.  I'm ready to bolt, but my friends grab me and together, we run to the front door.  It opens easily.  The light we saw should have been right there, in the living room, but it was dark, quiet, and empty.  Too quiet. The front door swung shut and slammed with great force, making us all jump.  I immediately grabbed the door and tried to open it, but it was stuck fast.  My friends laughed at my cowardice and said if we can't leave, then lets explore.  

We agreed to stay together and explore as a group.  The living room was quiet and empty, so we headed towards the kitchen.  The quiet was oppressive, the darkness getting deeper as we got further from the window.  I wanted to hold hands to keep from getting separated, but my friends taunted me for it, laughing and chanting chicken.  It was the only sound in the house and it echoed off the walls, distorted, came back to us fractured and creepy.  They fell silent.  We kept moving towards the kitchen, through the silence and the darkness.  Was it we?  I couldn't hear them anymore, couldn't feel them near me.  I reached out and felt nothing, no person, no wall, no furniture, just emptiness.

I called out to them and the sound again echoed back, broken and creepy.  There was no other response.  I could not see the window.  The darkness pressed in on all sides.  This is ridiculous!  This is just a ranch style house, it can't be so big.  I ran, figuring I'd hit a wall or furniture in less than a minute.  Nothing.  Running full out, I was flying rapidly through the oppressive darkness but encountered nothing at all.  No obstructions, no sounds.  Even my footsteps were inaudible.  I screamed but there was no sound.  Not even an echo this time.  

I slow to a walk, darkness and silence my only companions.  It seems like forever, but I finally find a window.  I gaze through the window and can see my friends leaving the house with someone...someone who looks just like me.  It can't be me; I'm standing right here!  I see this version of "me" look back at the house and laugh, malice glittering in its eyes.  I try to smash the window, to escape, to do something to warn my friends, but I cannot.  The window is a solid barrier that will not break.  I try to run to the door but am lost in the blackness again.  Its not silent this time.  I can hear my friends' screams.

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2 November, 2015, 2:05 PM UTC

Do you know what the most terrifying, the cruelest, most merciless monster called? It's called human. This is  but a story among many stories from poso massacre.

A kid with his mom who was pregnant at the time running hand to hand. Panic, fear, and hopelessness can be seen on her face. She has nowhere to go, it almost seems like everyone's out there to hunt her, so she's just running, running and running. Eventually she ends up in a pig sty while voices of people can be heard, not knowing what to do she jumps into the pig sty with her kid, covered herself and her kid with pig shits and hide. She cannot stop her trembling and it gets worse and worse with the voices of people getting louder and louder. It almost feels like eternity before the voices of people gets thin and eventually gone. She got out of there and running again with her kid. Extreme exhaustion can be seen on their faces but they keep on running and running. What they saw along the street is probably best described as monster's den. Severed heads were lined up along the street, blood splatter everywhere, countless lifeless bodies can be seen on every corner. However, she was lucky. Eventhough she ran without any destination she ends up meeting with people from outside of this monster's den. Feeling reliefed, her exhaustion surfaced, she passed out right after entering their camp. After getting treatment she told this story of her unbelievable luck while keep praising god, unfortunately her husband is not there with her. He acted as the distraction for the monsters while she and her kid run to safety, eventhough he knew well there was no safe place on that monster den. She can only hope her husband die painlessly.
Fighter Sifr of Fellowship
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3 November, 2015, 9:57 PM UTC

Death is pulsing, from within

Crawling through, your sickly skin

Fingers clutch life as it fades

Slowly turn from green to gray

Hands and feet, now memories

Bones and meat, is all you see

Facial features rotted through

Death closing its grip on you

Tissue death, bones are revealed

Necrosis spreads, your fate is sealed

Your morbid limbs, wither away

Even as you live, you decay

The time has passed, to amputate

Rotting alive, your grisly fate -


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18 November, 2015, 10:03 AM UTC

Thank you for your stories!


Lords THATGUY, DEKANOGIULOGILV, RED contact me via PM and let me know your coordinates so that you can receive your rewards.

Oberon, Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall
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