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Inserting Youtube videos on your forum post

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24 July, 2017, 9:40 AM UTC

The Gods have blessed us with a new feature, you can now upload and view Youtube videos on these very forum. 

The videos will be viewed here agaisnt a black Background (cools right ). as we have some post with over 20 thousands views so if you do it just right your videos will have many views and Youtube will pay you. Plus Lord Oberon will reward you for your effort with a bag of sapphires. 

So start making tutorial videos and post them in the forum. 

Grabbing the Screen   

The first thing you need is the ability to capture your screen
If you need to record your screen on chrome and chrome clones like Opera, Torch ect Therte are many extension that can do just that 

Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder

Loom - Video Recorder: Screen, Webca...

VLC can also to a good job, if you need something professional then you might was buy some of the streaming applications online 

After you have made your video make sure to Upload it to Youtube

Uploading The Video 

After uploading your Youtube video  just right click and copy your URL

OR if you want to upload something you saw in Youtube then right click on the video and copy the URL. 
Note Don't copy the video URL in real time. 

Then click on the insert video button and insert your video URL

And here is the video after upload using loom


Forum rules, game policy rules and terms of use rules will still apply and your videos will be moderated accordingly. 

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