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Oct 1, 2020, 02:5510/01/20


today we will be talking about territory !!

during a discussion called corner beacons,i had received many questions

what is a corner beacon fury ?

we have no feature named territory,what do u mean by that ?

and many other questions like these...

it does not matter which platform/server u are playing,its the same thing everywhere

when u go to map outside ur castle,u can switch between mini map and universal

there u can see how much  area each league league is these areas on the map in control of every league are called territory ! their territory !

so if u see a league is talking about its territory,they are referring to the areas,and beacons in those area under their control ! 

as u can see in the picture above,lvl 5 beacons have bigger icons than lower lvl beacons

leagues have big or small territories,depending on how many beacons(specially lvl 5 beacons) they have.each league has its own territory and each of them has a defining color on universal many leagues and their territory do u see down bellow ? 

as u can see here,where one color ends,and another color starts, is the border between each league and their territory

in the picture down below ill draw the red line along part of the border so its clear

league level up beacons to lvl 5 in border as a marker to line of their territory,pls note without lvl 5 beacons this would not be possible

anyways ,u might ask why is this important ? why do people care about this ? first lets have a look

so far we have learned each color,marks territory of each league !

a friend of mine always uses country analogy for territory in stormfall or any game here on plarium !

so lets do so,what do u see here ? borders are borders,each color is a country (a league and its territory)

so when a league captures a beacon,in another leagues territory(a different color,here the unicorn flag league) other leagues dnt like it

and when a league upgrades a beacon in another leagues territory,its a full on call to war claim(unless talked or arranged with the other league ! 

sometimes some leagues give a border beacon(a beacon along the lines) to another league themselves

so now u see how important this is ! knowledge on this matter could start a war between leagues !

territory also has a huge effect in league ranking,aside from that we have an achievement which in turn also affects ranking

this should show how important this info is ! 

have a good game and happy hunting,

shT pa Town,

Oct 8, 2020, 11:5610/08/20

please don't quote the first post

if u have any questions let me know

also i tried to cover basic,if u want to add extra info,it is very most welcome