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Battle Pass. Dev Notes

Battle Pass. Dev Notes

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Aug 1, 2019, 09:3008/01/19

Battle Pass. Dev Notes

New Feature: Battle Pass Season

Earn Battle Points And Claim Grand Rewards!

A new feature has been introduced to Stormfall: Battle Pass! This overview will explain the feature’s mechanics so that you can effectively plan your strategy. Don’t forget to share this knowledge with your fellow League Members.


With the new Battle Pass feature, all players Level 15 and above can get even more from completing Daily and Weekly Mar’eth Quests. To help you get the most out of the feature, we've added new Mar’eth Quests and updated old ones to make it easier.

When you complete these Quests, you receive Battle Points in addition to your usual Rewards. Battle Points help you complete Battle Pass Levels during the Season.

There are 30 Battle Pass Levels. To complete a Level and Claim your Rewards, you need to collect a certain number of Battle Points.


  • If you use Mar’eth’s Blessing to complete Daily or Weekly Quests, you will not receive any Battle Points from them.

Battle Pass Seasons

Battle Pass is an Event that runs in Seasons. During a Season, you collect Battle Points to complete Battle Pass Levels and get Rewards. When the Season ends, your progress resets for the next Season. Don’t forget to Claim your Rewards because any unclaimed Rewards will disappear at the end of the Season.

Premium Battle Pass Bonuses only unlock once a Level Reward is Claimed. With a Premium Battle Pass, you can also get better Units and other amazing Rewards from higher Battle Pass Levels!

Battle Pass Bonuses

As well as the Rewards you get for completing Battle Pass Levels, there are also special Battle Pass Bonuses.

Battle Pass Resource Multiplier

"During the Battle Pass Season, Resources raided from other Castles are duplicated and tallied in the Battle Pass Resource Multiplier. At the end of the Season, these duplicated Resources will be added to your Warehouses and Barns even if they exceed their capacity limits.

Note that duplicated Resources are limited by your Battle Pass Resource Multiplier capacity. You can improve your Resource Multiplier capacity to Levels 2 and 3 by getting the Premium Battle Pass."

Battle Pass Training Queues

"You can open up Battle Pass Training Queues with the Premium Battle Pass. The higher your Battle Pass Level, the more Battle Pass Training Queues you can open.

Additional Training Queues can be opened for:"

  • Stoneheart Units
  • Infantry Units
  • Cavalry Units
  • Occult Units
  • Bestiary Units

These Additional Training Queues will expire at the end of the Battle Pass Season and all Units that are being trained will be moved to your regular Training Queues.

Battle Pass Types

There are two types of Battle Pass:

- Battle Pass

With the standard Battle Pass, you are able to earn Battle Points from Daily and Weekly Mar'eth Quests. You can then Claim Rewards from Battle Pass Levels you've completed. However, not all Levels offer Rewards. You also get access to Level 1 of the Battle Pass Resource Multiplier.

- Premium Battle Pass

You can acquire a Premium Battle Pass at the Bank anytime during the Battle Pass Season. This Premium Battle Pass expires at the end of the Season. With an active Premium Battle Pass, you can get even more Benefits, including:

  • Rewards for every Battle Pass Level you complete
  • Additional Unit Training Queues for all Unit Types
  • Ability to increase the capacity of your Battle Pass Resource Multiplier to 20,000,000
  • Ability to acquire a special new Item called a Level Finisher.

Level Finishers

A Level Finisher instantly completes one Battle Pass Level when applied. There is no limit to how many you can purchase. Unused Level Finishers will carry over to the next Battle Pass Season, but they can only be used if you have an active Premium Battle Pass.

Finishing Levels more quickly gets you Rewards faster and gives you more time to Train extra Units.

It is possible to complete all Battle Pass Levels without a Premium Battle Pass and Level Finishers. However, these Items allow you to complete them faster and get greater Rewards. Complete as many Battle Pass Levels as possible to get all available Rewards.

Good luck, my Lord. Use this knowledge wisely to gain the upper hand and beat your rivals!