Quick Tips for League Tower

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6 November, 2018, 11:50 AM UTC

Dear Lords

This Guide is to maximize the floor the league can reach and to Optimize everyone's individual reward.

The Most Important thing is not to attack the Tower like a Bull in a China Shop

Just 50 active Members with well prepared Champions can reach Floor 50!

Rewards are given for every 5 Floors cleared, so you only need to clear 1 Scavenger every 5 floors to be eligible for the reward.

As Floor level increases, the Grade of champion needed to clear it increases as does the amount of scavengers needed to be cleared and the attack points required.

Floor 1-20 Grade 1 Champions (white)

Floor 21-40 Grade 2 Chamions (green)

Floor 41 to 60 Grade 3 Champions (blue)

Floor 61 to 80 Grade 4 Champions (purple)

Floor 81-100 Grade 5 (golden/yellow)

It is important to choose which Campions you send carefully so not to block your higher grade champions for higher floors...ie if you have a Grade 3 Sappher don't use a Grade 1 Sappher early on. Select a different champion you only have Grade 1 of.

There are 14 champion types and each one you only be used once until Floor 50 is achieved.

Before sending a Champion to a Scavenger, make sure it has enough hit points to kill it so a Champion type isn't wasted. It may be necessary to go kill some Undead before going back and attacking the Scavenger.

With the Tower Event it becomes increasingly important to develop your Champions and not was Higher Grade Champions upgrading others.

Using League Chat during events to communicate with others what you have available can also help. It may be better for less developed members to clear the lower floors, freeing higher ranked Champions of other members for the higher floors.

Hope all this can be helpfull for all you


Resistance Is Futile
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6 November, 2018, 6:24 PM UTC

Appreciate you taking the time to post - thanks.

*** EDIT ***

You had me excited that Plarium hadn't made it completely a pay to win thing (purple are hard but not impossible to get F2P).

but this is a typo

Floor 81-100 Grade 4 Champions (purple)

It's Grade V (golden/yellow) only

So you need going on for 20 massive coiners in your league to complete the event (20 ppl who have spent £4000/$6000+ on champions alone). Plarium suck.

*** END EDIT ***

Sir Dan Saul Knight - sword for hire
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7 November, 2018, 4:24 PM UTC

Lord Sir Dan

thanks for the clarification, and sorry for my mistake

its fixed now


Resistance Is Futile
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