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Coalitions. Guide

Coalitions. Guide

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Coalitions. Guide

Ready for a new challenge?

Join a Coalition. Unite your Leagues and fight together.

Coalitions are groups of allied Leagues that work and strategize together.

Leagues in a Coalition still retain the same relationship between each other as they had before they joined the Coalition – Leagues within a Coalition can attack each other, and Unit statistics (such as Movement Speed) are unaffected. Coalitions are primarily for efficient communication and coordination.

Creating a Coalition

Creating a Coalition is free, and any League with 100 or more League Members can found a Coalition. The League Marshal of qualifying Leagues can do so from the "Coalitions" tab of the Embassy.

The League Marshal of the Coalition's founding League will become the Coalition Leader.

League Marshals must define the following when creating a Coalition:

  • Coalition Name. 
  • Coalition Abbreviation. A short name for the Coalition consisting of 3 Latin letters. 
  • Coalition Description. 
  • Coalition Banner. The League Marshal can design their own Banner using the pattern options provided. 

League Marshals cannot create a Coalition if:

  • Their League is currently being dismissed.  
  • Their chosen Coalition name or Coalition Abbreviation has been taken. 

Joining a Coalition by invitation. 

Coalition Leaders can send invitations to join their Coalition to any League. Coalition Leaders can send up to 50 invitations to join their Coalition at any one time.

The League Marshals of those receiving the invitations can either accept or decline them.

Joining by application.

League Marshals of any League can apply to join Coalitions. Up to 5 active applications can be sent out at any one time. If they apply to join a 6th Coalition, the oldest active application will be automatically deleted without any notice.

A League Marshal can neither send requests to join a Coalition nor accept invitations if the League is being dismissed.

A Coalition can have up to 200 active applications at one time.

Leagues can only be a part of one Coalition at a time.

Leaving a Coalition

Only League Marshals can remove their League from a Coalition. League Marshals can apply to join another Coalition immediately after leaving their previous Coalition.

Granting Coalition Permissions

The League Marshal of the Coalition's founding League automatically becomes the Coalition Leader.

They can give Coalition Permissions to any League Marshal in the Coalition, who would then also become a Coalition Leader.

Coalition Leaders are able to:

  • Send Coalition invitations to other League Marshals 
  • Accept or decline applications to join the Coalition 
  • Change Coalition management permissions 
  • Change Coalition Name, Description, and Banner (for free) 
  • Send messages to Coalition Members 
  • Dismiss the Coalition 

If the founding League's League Marshal delegates his League Marshal status to another member of the League, the new League Marshal will also become the Coalition Leader.

Dismissing a Coalition

Any Coalition Leader can start the Coalition Dismissal process. It takes 7 days for the Coalition to be dismissed after the process begins. Any Coalition Leader can also stop the dismissal before the countdown ends.

If the Coalition consists of a single League, and the League Marshal dismisses the League, the Coalition will also be dismissed once the League is dismissed.

If a Coalition has a single Leader, and their League is dismissed, the Coalition will also be dismissed once the League is dismissed.

Once the last League remaining in a Coalition leaves it, the Coalition will be dismissed after 7 days.

Coalition Ranking

Coalitions have their own Ranking, found in the "Ranking" section of the "Coalitions" tab at the Embassy. The more Influence a Coalition has, the higher its position in the Rankings.

Coalition Influence is the summation of all Influence stats each League in the Coalition has.

Coalition Identification

All players who members of the Coalition will have a three-letter abbreviation before the name of their League. This makes it easy to identify other Coalition members.

Join together now – leave your enemies behind in the dust!