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Balur's Beacon Invasion: How Was Your First Experience?

Balur's Beacon Invasion: How Was Your First Experience?

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OlenkaCommunity Manager
Apr 27, 2023, 14:4604/27/23

Balur's Beacon Invasion: How Was Your First Experience?

Hey there, dear players! 😉

We hope you had a great time participating in the recent Balur's Beacon Invasion event, which was recently launched on our Plarium server 1.🌟

We would love to hear your feedback on your experience! Did you enjoy the event? Did you find it challenging? We would also love to know your thoughts on the rewards. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your valuable feedback with us. We appreciate it a lot! 🤗

May 2, 2023, 10:4905/02/23
May 2, 2023, 10:58(edited)

I ummm'ed and argghhh'ed about whether to leave feedback. It's so obviously such an absolutely insanely stupid event that leaving honest feedback is going to sound like such a massive negative put down..... but here goes.

"Did you enjoy the event? Did you find it challenging?"

Not sure I even logged in during it. 

My league repelled all the attacks. Whether I was in the beacons, helping to defend or contributing seemed completely unnecessary.

I got showered with Gold for doing absolutely nothing.

Challengle level = 0. Enjoyment = 0

"What are my thoughts"

You effectively just gave everyone rank 8 champs without having to do anything to earn them. 

Overnight you destroyed the meaning to the blood sweat and tears that people who did the massive slog to earn rank 8 champs put in and for the coiners the money they spent to buy rank 8 champs.

Casual players and people with many alts and don't play them hard are going to love this. That doesn't make it a good update, it makes it a really bad one.

Surely it should go without saying that to progress in the game you should have to engage in the content/play the game? The reward for engaging with the game is more progress in the game. Anything that diverges too far from that basic concept will wreck the game.

You pretty much destroyed your own new Eir's event within 1 month of release. There is no need to use sapphires to reroll for purple labours now - good luck making any money out of that event now. And half the point of playing Eir's is now removed as Gold now has no value.

Worse still, selling people rank 8 champs via packages is your current business model for making money out of the mega coiners. It appears you don't even understand how you are trying to monitise the game anymore. You only even started the rank 8 revenue stream a couple of months ago. I suspect there will be some angry mega coiners who feel cheated.

It's impossible to devine any kind of logic or rational as to why anyone might have thought this was a good event, on any level. 

And on a side note, continuing to add pointless tournaments that have no connection to the real underlying game, that we have to grind through because the rewards are so huge you can't stay competitive without completing them, is not improvng the game. 

In the shallowest way it "gives us stuff to do" in the absence of any meaningful update. But it's empty pointless stuff we are forced to do, not enjoyable stuff. Any chance one day you might make an update that adds actual real content to the underlying strategy war game this is supposed to be? The reality is now that people log this game to "do their daily chores" and then play something else to have fun.

Sorry this is a hard read but it is simply the truth. Everyone I have spoken to is laughing (or crying) at the cluelessness of this update. So please don't shoot the messenger I am just being brave enough to tell you the cold hard truth to your face.

OlenkaCommunity Manager
May 2, 2023, 11:1905/02/23

Thank you for such a detailed and honest opinion. It will be forwarded to the team for further investigation and consideration.

As a totally new event, it will need some improvements and upgrades implementation, that's why any feedback is welcome.😉

May 3, 2023, 17:1205/03/23

You will never be able to add this event to Untamed or Farwol servers because we don't have enough beacons.  All Beacons are held by the top leagues and are heavily defended  ....  so you would be handing Gold to top leages for zero effort, and every other league will be furious

May 3, 2023, 21:3205/03/23
May 3, 2023, 21:33(edited)

I will add that the dark essence was spilled all over the Game  and  the extra amount that was alocated meant nothing.

 it's rather useless to be awarded Up to 15 Million DE at the end of the Event to a beacon that has a max  capacity of 30,000

May 4, 2023, 11:5705/04/23

It would be crazy to add 15m DE to beacons. 

It would eliminate the benefit of holding beacons completely. You could hold one beacon and get 500 days of DE in the 24hrs of this event.

Pretty sure Plarium just left the DE ratio to attack size unchanged and didn't notice how much DE that would mean now they added massive attacks. They will probably just correct the new waves so they can;t drop more than 30k (beacon max), if people make a fuss about it.

May 5, 2023, 01:1605/05/23
May 5, 2023, 08:10(edited)

I greatly enjoyed the event,  watching enemies' leagues rage was very entertaining.