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Technical Questions Forum Guidelines and FAQ

Technical Questions Forum Guidelines and FAQ

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Technical Questions Forum Guidelines and FAQ

Welcome to our Technical Questions Forum. The main purpose of this forum is to help our players to identify whether an issue they have faced is a bug or not. We highly appreciate our players’ cooperation in reporting issues to the developers. Your reports make the process of locating and fixing bugs faster and easier.

The pinned topics at the top of Technical Questions Forum contain valuable information that can help you solve any issues you have without the need to wait for a reply from our team. In order to keep the forum as clear and concise as possible, please read these posts before posting or creating a topic.

Important notes:

Search. Please enter a keyword from your query in the search option before creating a new bug report. This could help you find an existing bug report and solve your problem faster.  

Check. Make sure the issue you are reporting is topical after clearing cache and reinstalling Plarium Play.  

Read. Check the “Features that are not Bugs” topic before creating a new report. Some game features may seem like bugs at first, but are actually just features of regular gameplay.

Describe. If you want to check on the forum if the issue you’ve faced is a bug or not, make sure you have described your issue in detail and provided enough information for a Community Manager to reproduce the error. This makes transferring the bug report to our developers easier. If a Community Manager fails to reproduce it or some additional information is requested, you will be asked to submit a ticket to our technical support department. You can find detailed instructions for creating bug reports in the section “How to Create a Bug report”.

Choose. Make sure you pick the right thread for your report. Off-topic posts may be archived, closed, or moved to other threads. 

 Wait. Sometimes, you won’t receive an individual reply to your post. This does not mean that your report has been ignored. The most likely reason for this is that the same bug was reported elsewhere or has already been fixed.  

Separate. You will need to create an individual topic for each issue you report. This helps us avoid confusion in the thread and makes issues easier to find by searching. Please don’t create similar topics regarding the same issue. It goes against our forum rule and may lead to possible confusion.



What is a bug? 

A bug is an error in the system that can cause the game to malfunction. Bugs appear on both the server (our side) and the client (your side). Bugs on the client side usually affect the visual appearance of the game. In these instances, the game server works as intended, but the results are not shown properly on your device. On the other hand, server bugs will directly affect game performance.

Why should I create bug reports?  

Simple - because it will help us fix the issue faster. Some bugs are hard to identify. The faster we can provide our developers with a high quality bug report, the faster they will be able to reproduce the bug and start working on a fix.

How much time do you need to fix a bug?  

Each bug is unique. As such, there is no standard resolution time. The time it takes us to fix a bug depends on how long it takes to reproduce the bug, the complexity of the bug, and how much disruption the bug is causing.

The bug I reported was not fixed in the last update. Why? 

We would love to fix all of the bugs in every update. However, sometimes we need to prioritize other things - such as new features and performance improvements - over bug fixes. However, if a bug is affecting one of the game’s main processes, it will be classed as high priority and fixed.

I have created a topic and it was removed. Why?

If the reported case is not a bug, it can be moved to the appropriate thread on the Forum. Please check the Game Discussion thread for your topic. Also, duplicate topics can be removed without replying.

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