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Plarium and Leagues where have you gone????

Plarium and Leagues where have you gone????

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May 31, 2019, 23:0305/31/19

Plarium and Leagues where have you gone????

Hello All,

I was just wondering where the Community Managers and Characters in this game have gone!!!!

CM your role is to encourage active game play!!!!

Plarium this is your 10th Anniversary - Congrats on this 

But all I am seeing Plarium, is good players leave the game

The game has become very hectic, I wonder with an older following, its becoming too fast fast for some players

I don't know the answer to the game, perhaps its becoming too expensive!!!

Perhaps Plarium you consider a monthly charge on game play.

Players of the game, keep playing, perhaps more fun is needed between  YIN and YANG 

Where are the Community Managers????

Oberon did you disappear???

I continue to play this game because of the money I have invested, but there are players that have invested heavily.

DEVs, CM and Stormfall you have an obligation to those players, I would like you to honour it  !!!!

DoomieUK at Dominus

PS - those that are left what are your thoughts

Jun 4, 2019, 12:2206/04/19
Hello Lord DOOMIEUK , The devs are working always to improve the games , to bring new tournaments, events , but of course iit can't be made so fast like we want ! The patience is the key, i wish you good battles and al the best , cheers !
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