Soulstone and adamantine Hamlets

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22 June, 2019, 2:10 AM UTC

first i should say that my priority is Soulstone hamlet ! the latter i dnt really care but itd be good to add adamantine as well.

along the way,this great game has been improving ! we had units we trained with gold ,iron and maranian amulets ,so we got the respective hamlets, as the game progressed,we got units which we train with adamantine and soulstones so why not have their hamlets.

lets be honest, even in saphire packs players cant get enough soulstones for the ratio of their production,tournament rewards soulstones dnt even come close...

i know evrything in this game is based on same algorythms and mechanics on ur platform engines ,im not saying that its gonna be easy, but it should be much easier than adding a whole new feature to the game ! 

im not an expert, but for making it possible not to ruin the game balance u could always set the harvest amount to a lower rate than saphires or around that for soulstones and around normal for adamantine . 

aside from abovementioned reasons,there is also the hamlet rules so it wont be like just people gathering so much soulstones very easy without interuption for free.

some in advance responses to players :

1.this post is about soulstone hamlets so pls refrain from making this about coining 

2. some mega players will own the soulstone hamlets ? no i dnt think so ! as there are already saphire hamlets , mega attackers ? evry league has one so if one from one league tries holding onto it another also can attack, as it'll be a hamlet all the hamlet rules will apply so there will always be fights in captured ones,there will also be time when there is no pvp or hamlet tournies.... everyone's criteria this post can be either supported or just disproved,so pls dnt make it personal and aside from negative parts as it has many, think about how much more fun itll make the game be.



P.S. lets count each like as a vote to yes to soulstone hamlets.pls help my voice be heard with ur likes

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25 June, 2019, 10:59 AM UTC
Hello, Fury. Thank you for such detailed feedback. Maybe it's a good idea to make a poll in which players can be heard regarding the Soulstones Hamlets feature. We'll think about it. 
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