balur attempts attack on oberon castle

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25 September, 2018, 10:07 AM UTC
it seems like balur has gone rogue tried of being Controled by plarium rules that Oberon Castle shall not be attacked and discovering the New Powerful troops that was given to him by plarium from this recent update balur then use this New Power that has been given to him to break free from plarium Control and started an attack against Oberon Castle shown here and here in the end of this Battle of good versus evil light versus darkness Oberon won successfully defended is Castle against balur onslaught but a interesting Development that has happen here and we all Wonder if this is only the begining and we all ask Ourselves this very important question will be Next on balur list of Castle to attack only time will tell but seems like this god of darkness known only as balur is no longer interested in attacking and taking other lords and ladies and Leagues beacons and has upscale his attacks and now he has Oberon and stormfall castle square in his sight Battling Oberon and seeking Crown the of stormfall in the end plarium only has it self to blame for making balur this strong and leading to this shocking display it has become Clear that balur has gone rogue and has broken free from plarium control
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13 October, 2018, 4:45 PM UTC
This is an interesting development.  It would be interesting if Balur did start attacking random castles,  Might get some people to leave some def out.   Or even better stack some of these botlines.  We have the extra raids and it would add an extra challenge.  Never know.
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