Update News!

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5 July, 2017, 2:26 PM UTC

Update News!

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My Lords and Ladies,

This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made the following important update:

- All bonuses from the Wheel of Fortune are now displayed properly.

- Promotional icon positioning has been improved in the Castle interface.

- An error message will now be displayed properly when you do not have enough Dragon Marks to activate a Dragon Art.

- Fixed: The travel time from your Castle to a Settlement will now be displayed correctly in the “Tracking” tab of your Keep.

- Minor improvements have been made to the Unit XP interface.

- Fixed: On occasion, the “Liberate Castle” action would trigger two windows to appear.

Now, with haste! Have the horses saddled and the sentries posted. Balur and his minions have not been idle while we've been briefing you!

Lord Oberon

Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall

Oberon, Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall
UTC +2:00
5 July, 2017, 5:46 PM UTC

My caravans are still returning at over 4000 mph

The correct speed is shown after refreshing  http://prntscr.com/fs13fz

This has been going on for weeks

UTC +0:00
5 July, 2017, 11:09 PM UTC
Would be nice to see an update for tourneys so we don't max the tourney rewards after 3 hours of the 14 day tournament 
Josh/Synergy S3
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