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4 January, 2017, 12:34 AM UTC

IronApex Turok said:


you'll have to forgive them. they are still new at this whole "internet gaming" thing.   they are still learning terminology.  remember when you were a noob?   

My first encounter with a gaming device was a Phillips with several versions of pong of sorts back in the early 1980's. by the time I got to my c64, I stopped being a noob :p casette tape mastery!

My first mmo of any size was Planetarion, a browser game like Plarium that was back around year 2000. They got so much traffic from the US, that AT&A or maybe it was AOL, forgot, anywaysz. blocked their address at one point. Planetarion was all about pvp, of course they got it right. After about 3 months or there abouts, they ended the round and started a new one short after. Because by then the game became to stale as no one was able to fight the biggest leagues., and they typical wouldnt want to figth each other. I played it for about 3 years, it went through a lot of changes and interations (far more than what Stormfall changed since I started play that). 

Then I found something wondefull called EVE. As a great fan and long time player of the old ELITE games. It was amazing. Now, fast forward 14 years later and Im still playing EVE.... now if we want to talk about features Plarium. I can tell you about FEATURES :p

(go to youtuble, look for EVE citadel trailer :p)...

I mostly started play Stormfall, because, slow days at work and it was something to click on. I'm not that deeply vested into the game, I don't spend any unless I get a very good offer. But with almost 3 decades of gaming behind me, It does uppset me how players get regarded. Its sad because this game could been so much more. Any new mmo in this setting with a more appealing business model will be a death strike to Stormfall.

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4 January, 2017, 10:49 PM UTC

Plarium is the new kid on the block, only being a few years old.  and its quite clear they havent grasped how to maintain customer loyalty. 

in the old days, that would be forgiven, technology was still building.  but as you pointed out, there is a lot to choose from, especially from companies that have already figured out customer appreciation.   its sink or swim in this era, and plarium is beginning its dive. 
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