Untamed Lands - League Achievements!

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28 October, 2015, 3:39 PM UTC

New Feature - New Feature - League Achievements!

Battle for power, prestige, and glory!

My Lord and Ladies,

In the great days of the Empire bold knights and warriors from houses across the many kingdoms of Stormfall would vie in tourneys for honor, prestige, and purses fat enough to found dynasties. The victors earned the right to claim membership to ancient orders, and bear their sigils upon their banners for all to see.

It is in honor of this tradition that I hereby exercise my right as regent to declare prizes for only the mightiest of Leagues, to reward their valor in the great battle for the Beacons. Many shall compete - yet only few shall be victorious.

Read on to view the terms, and may you all find glory on the battlefield!


There are two kinds of Achievement Bonuses - League Bonuses, and Individual Bonuses.

League Bonuses

These are awarded to a League collectively upon successful completion of a League Achievement. These bonuses can take the form of ranking point boosts in the League Rankings, or League-wide bonuses to Unit or Castle statistics for all participating League Members. League Bonuses earned while being a member of one League are non-transferable, and can not be retained upon leaving that League. League Members joining a League after it has earned an Achievement will not enjoy the benefits of any existing League Bonuses.

Individual Bonuses

These are your personal rewards for assisting your League in completing a League Achievement – these could take the form of Skull Runes, free Units, or special items. To claim your bonus, click on the highlighted "Claim Reward" button in the "My League" section of the Embassy once your League has successfully completed an Achievement. Individual Bonuses are one-time offers and, like League Bonuses, cannot be used once you've left the League in which you received it – so choose your side carefully!

To view the list of League Achievements, along with their Terms and Bonuses, go the "My League" tab in the Embassy!

You can find more info on the League Achievements in the Guide.

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29 October, 2015, 3:55 PM UTC
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