Build A Castle On A Brand New Server!

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22 October, 2015, 10:34 AM UTC
if i can bring my castles from the FB server i will put 1 on each server on servers and have some fun fun fun. BUT you are not getting me to pay to start another castle, NO chance. I done the hard work and paid my way. i believe your greed has hit the limit of hitler/stalin or even a light beer drinker.
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Morten Peterson
25 October, 2015, 9:04 AM UTC

I seem to be missing a post.! It was about half a page or so in response to Gadhera`s last post, but sorry I sure dont feel like trying to write it again.! :(

If Gadheras is reading, suffice to say that I wasnt proposing that antoher server was a solution as such for players that have been bullied, but an option.

Whilst not complaining of being bullied myself, I do have a soft spot for those that are. This leads to some players giving up & leaving the game. I know of more than a few players who delight in the idea of `driving a players out of the game`.! I dont think this is a good thing, nor anything to be proud of. It seems obvious that this does not promote the growth of the game.!

Also, whilst not wishing to offend anyone, I think it is at least, short sighted of many people who driving people out of the game appeals to. Even if one cant work it out beforehand, then take the experience of someone who has played another similar game, which had at least 10 servers. The trouble was not so much the servers, it was largely due to egotistical players that thought it was a good idea to drive people out of the game. When they had managed to drive most people off of the server or game, then looked around & realised that there were only a few big players like themselves who were mostly allied with or afraid to attack each other because they were as strong or stronger than they were & that wouldnt do, the bullies prefer to pick on smaller & weaker players. Once they all went, those same big bullies that drove people off the server, started complaining that the server was dead.!!! Surprise surprise, that`s what happens when you go around driving people off the game.!! 

I`m sure that plenty of people have been driven off this game too. Lets hope that the people who like to do this, change a little, a) because it`s decent not to drive people off the game & b), because it can very well lead to a dead server which even kills the perpetrators game`s also, as well as everone elses.! :( 
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Morten Peterson
25 October, 2015, 9:12 AM UTC

Red said:

If its anything like other pay optional types of games, they'll merge servers when things get too dead.  New servers are good for revenue since players start out new and spend $ for advantage, trying to be top in a new playground.

Hi Lord Red, 

I`m curious at your mention of other games & merging of servers. Are you an ex WOL`ist.? :)

I will mail you a question. :)
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13 November, 2015, 3:35 PM UTC

Nothing is being done to stop the spread of robot castles spawning on sever 2

Hundreds of level 23 castles surround the map at the perimeter and huge blocks of level 37 castles continue to be ignored by the devs.

There must be a way to prevent bots logging in and spamming these castles - we use Captcha on this forum, so why not on the game sites too?
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Lord Oberon
16 November, 2015, 10:22 AM UTC

Lord Richard Plantagnet, 

If you've spotted some bot castles, please report them to our Hepldesk, so that they and they owner(s) are dealt with accordingly. 

Please use this link: 

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24 December, 2015, 1:37 PM UTC
merry christmas 
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25 December, 2015, 10:03 AM UTC

Happy holidays/Merry Christmas NGUYENTHANHTIENTH

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