New Beacons on the Map!

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25 October, 2015, 10:56 AM UTC

Dear Lord Drunges,

Hi. If you are just starting, then either find a league that has experience in beacons, or seriously, my advice to you would be to forget about them for some time. 

Without the help of a sizeable league that`s experienced with beacons, they are simply beyond one`s means.!

Beacons usually can often be easily taken but very hard to defend and keep.! 

The troops involved are very, very high, way beyond a player just starting out, unless they happen to have a very large budget to buy troops and even then, it`s no guarantee, as there are already players in many leagues that have & do spend vast amounts on the game, most of which already control beacons.

I am not trying to put you off the idea of beacons, but seek only to let you know of the scale of beacons & hope that you can enjoy growing now and have beacons to look forward to much later. :)

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