City Style

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8 December, 2017, 5:13 AM UTC

I have posted topic along this topic in other sections without getting any responses, I think I may have better luck here. Just out of curiosity I am on the look out for other archerons who have built their city trying to balance style and strength. Obviously, there comes a point when there is simply no more room to pack decor or fortifications in, at Any while still preventing it from looking sloppy and over-packed. I will readily admit if this was a contest I would NOT win for the simple fact that I have not even completed the idea for the completed layout of my city.

Normally I am anti-coiners, but in this particular post I see nothing wrong with those players who have the ability to spread a little dough around their city. But, keep this in mind: I am not trying to see a bunch of cities that have every free inch of space with the most expensive/highest strength items. What I am interested in is an appealing layout, fashion in a word.

For those of you who want to see my work in progress my coordinates are: -3284;-2004 

Any and all free to simply just post coordinates or add on their take.
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