where has all the strategy gone

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14 August, 2017, 8:47 AM UTC

I will reward anyone one million dracmas if you can answer me this question what part of this game is strategic. I read on the net and plariums description of these games as being games of strategy i would like to know which part of putting your hand into your back pocket and taking out your credit card to purchase overpriced electronic dracmas as being strategic. This game is no fun unless your in a team of people who have no life or friends so they have plenty of cash to spend on dracmas and kid themselves that they are great tacticians.

The people who put these games together who have done a very good job the graphics are second to none and the gameplay is great but there needs to be a rethink and bring a little strategy into the game.

For those players who have a life and cant spend money every second day the game becomes very boring. If anyone has any ideas that might make the game more exciting and strategic without breaking the bank please share your ideas with plarium as im getting sick of this pay to play game if things dont improve soon i might have to sell my avatar to the highest bidder

oh please dont bother trying to answer my question for there is no strategy thus there is no one million dracmas
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14 August, 2017, 9:35 AM UTC

Oh, a bit of tactic and strategy are left here and there. The trouble IMO is that the clientele has changed. 10 or 15 years ago, computer and online games (even console games to some extent) were heavier on tactics and strategy, but that was a time where the vast majority of players were a bit nerdier and willing to engage with a steeper learning curve.

Today's MMOGs have such a wide target group, that the games often have to be kept as simple as possible in order to attract the more casual player who is unwilling to invest much time in learning the intricacies but simply wants to click and shoot, preferably on their smart phone or phablet. The success of all these farming games and their many clones attests to this sad condition.

We moved from chess to checkers, and games such Jane's Battle Simulators would be boutique games today, where the player who was able to calculate parabolic trajectories for artillery shells was at an advantage. 

I'm sure there are many players who would wish for a game where a smaller army could defeat a much larger one simply by employing the right tactics, but I'm afraid we would still be in a small minority compared to the many casual walk-in customers.


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3 December, 2017, 5:39 AM UTC
This game has a lot of strategy like any (free to play) game . But you must step back to see it if you are new to this kind of game . The strategy is to get a lot of people to build cities for free ( like kids building sandcastles on a beach ) . That is the hardest part . Once the game maker has a lot of cities build by hard work ( sandcastles ) the next part kicks in . Selling the right to destroy your hard work and dreams . Than  the last step to the game is once the free players had stop playing the game the one's who payed to destroy the free player attack the each other or stop playing for a time . The game down size server to save money do to just a few player it make it easy . If people start playing again the server will start to get bigger and the whole thing starts over . In the end the strategy is to make as much money as they can .
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