The blessed redepmtion

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26 June, 2017, 2:05 AM UTC

Rough if the path of the conscientious warrior. Luck is the artifact of rivalry, the orchestrated strives of the fairy tales, as the dominant conception of the purest flare's achievement renders itself bewildered by the fundamental core of its existence. Hence, the treacherous lies of success collides with the historical redemption of the respective hypocritical faith, leading to the assertion of right and wrong as a widened, somewhat co-operational weatherization.

Betrayer may be the trier? Dryer is the artificial numbness onto which they are blessed, or highhanded blissed.

Shrine of cry,

try of might,

shine the bright,

thus ray of light,

acclaim redemption on our hardened souls,

and cast the sight of hope on our night.

Stray what may,

night from day,

chant away the

ghosts from hearsay,

accomplish the holy succession from redemption,

and thrust the past into oblivion.

Brighter may be the fore-comings, and darker might forget its occurrence, thus charming the beginning of might.

Cast the light, bright as night!

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