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the bank for persian positions is an exression for pay to play.

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11 June, 2017, 7:10 PM UTC

hello,    if anyone can help me understand this  I will be so happy,   

I play lots of pp,    to me it seems real funny that when I do not spend money the pp  rewards are completely turned off.   all positions reward me with 100+ units   but  hardly ever more than 200 units. and I'm talking about most levels 1-110.     when I spend money   on the other hand  every position I play has huge rewards on it.    I have screen shots of everything I  am saying.    the VIP people say it is not true  and that when I spend money the packages give me more troops.    this is not true at all.    I can buy a package with boost only  not use them or spend the drachma   and every position I play  pays out. 

even when I take my last payout  plus the required interest  and put it in to the game,   if I wait a week  or so  and try to play with just 2 mil off and 5 mil def     I have no rewards   and the game will eat everything   no rewards.     on the other hand   I can use half of my payout  in pvp  wait a week or so  spend a little money  and all rewards are back in full swing.

plarium would make way more money if they advertise the game  this way, plus it would take away 90% of all complaints  on the forums  

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12 June, 2017, 10:23 AM UTC

Hi! We already have multip0le topics with PP discussions here:

Please post in one of them, don't create another thread on the same issue. Thank you for understanding.

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