Have you ever visited a SWOE city? Tell us about it and win a Forum Achievement!

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8 May, 2017, 2:06 PM UTC

Have you been to one of the cities in the SWOE universe in RL? If so, which one? How was it? Was it for business or pleasure, or is it home even? Before you say no, click the map below, some of the SWOE cities, such as Massilia, have contemporary names: Marseille. 

(open map in Google Maps)

Tell us a story, give us a review, write a short account (but no less than 250 words which is about half a print page) and post it to this thread. This contest has no specific end date; moderators, community managers and/or admins will award the "Distinguished Author" achievement to those whose posts excel :-).

… a prize which will forever remain attached to your forum profile :-). 

Good luck all!

Disclaimer: Did my best to map city names to settlements and cities of the time, but some city names are very common and it is entirely possible that one or the other is mismapped. 

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