Wisdom and Common Sense

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11 August, 2016, 4:54 PM UTC
Wisdom comes not with age or any concept of time passed or to come. In all it's humility, wisdom comes from short thought failures. Experience from uncalculated risks. We live and we learn. We water that which we enjoy. So live, learn  and nourish. Appreciate. Give thanks. Sometimes things look so uncomplicated. It's not. So far from it... But you gotta look at all this. All this.... From what you can see to what you can't. Stuff you never even realized was even there. Far away, microscopic, in undetectable waves alone, not realized by our basic , simple senses. You gotta think... there's somebody out there trying really hard.Making all this fit together and work. Really good. fine job. I feel good to be a part of all this. Big Machine. And that's where the wisdom of the truly wise lies. In the ongoing task of learning from the reality of it. Be humble and do good things for all. as we are part of that, that is part of us.
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