Galley Trading Swap Over of Vessels

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29 June, 2016, 5:20 PM UTC

I create multiple small trades for the lower level Archons who sometimes struggle to gain resources. These are regularly snapped up and I am often without ships because of the travel time.

Recently I posted a question about galley swap over: i.e I trade 6 ships with Archon Fred from the other side of the world and then wait 10 hours for my ships to return, five hours there and five hours back. 

Surely with a game this side it would be fairly easy to write a code that would allow me to keep the five galley's that came to my city and then Archon Fred would also be able to keep the five that came from me.

Obviously, this can only be done when trading the same amount of vessels and not when you are trading more than 1 - 1. 

So, come on Plarium actually do something that will:

a) make the game run quicker for the players

b) not actually cost the players anything

c) actually do something for the players who have limited resources and galley's

Here's hoping x

Ambassador Reclusifer (The Brotherhood Academy)

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26 July, 2016, 1:08 PM UTC

Hi, Reclisifer!

We're constantly working on improvements for our games, thank you for your suggestions.
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