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29 August, 2016, 12:44 PM UTC

A tournament where you don't gain any points unless you are fighting your own people.  liberating their sieges, taking their emporiums, killing their troops. Sometimes you just want to fight your friends. not a usual event, more of a once a year sort of thing.

I've recently passed a suggestion to make some Coalition fights (for training or challenging purposes, without real losses). How do you think, would it serve the purpose you've mentioned?

The no losses brings a whole other element to it, especially for lack of a better term "showing the ropes" to some of the newer less experienced players. I'm a Polemarch in my coalition so I can get a fairly good idea of what others in my coalition are capable of and I've been around the block and seen some very powerful armies. Sometimes I worry for some of our players though, because they really don't understand how strong players can be. Secondly, I've been with my coalition for a year or more now, and I've developed some really good relationships and made great friends with some of my fellow players. It's one thing to try and beat them in the PvP by getting more points and stuff like that, but actually going against one of your fellow coalition members has its own draw. Like when you want to have a boxing match with your best friend just for fun.
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29 August, 2016, 1:15 PM UTC

Oh and I'm against stats for capitals,


It's a two sided sword, I guess if only the hegemon could see them that might be ok, but even for polemarch's I think that's a little much. Although I would find it more convenient to just see exactly how much strength is in our capital rather than doing some rough math, if someone who has the capability to see exactly how much strength is in a capital decides they want to leave or pass on that information that could be something to worry about. I think that being able to see the coalitions statistics is one thing, but knowing exactly how much strength it would take to downgrade a capital is something I think might be dangerous. This is just my opinion but it does more harm than good, you can get a close idea of how strong your capital is, but knowing exactly how strong I think would have more of a chance of working against you.
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29 August, 2016, 2:05 PM UTC

Good morning to all.

Sanctum of Esclepius

I propose that, having a structure like the general,


2 lines of slots for elixirs

one for the defense and one for the attack

(3 + 3 or 4 + 4 "the best")

I think it is a welcome solution to many players.

and can give a new impetus to this function,

that certainly for many, is a back seat,

after entering of the general.

That would be too easy. There would be no need to swap them and adjust to your current needs.
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29 August, 2016, 5:15 PM UTC

 I hope I am submitting this correctly. My suggestion is that when creating a protectorate all three resources should be allowed to be gleaned from such an arrangement. Historically this was the case. Limiting resources to be taken from a protectorate situation to bronze and wood is just not historically accurate or realistic. If there  Was grain to be gotten from a city as some sort of tribute, it was given.  My suggestion is that all three resources be available when a town has been besieged and then turned into a protectorate. We should not be limited to bronze and would only it's just not historically accurate.

You can't get Grain because if a player is out of it, he will have it in negative. You can't get it if a player doesn't really produce it. It would create some misunderstanding.
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29 August, 2016, 9:21 PM UTC

another suggestion

  • To build more troops at a time, such that in the stable, can be manufactured offense and defense at the same time and not expect units offensive manufactured, and after it is manufactured, wait another queue manufacture of defense if not that it is capable of making defense and offensive at the same time
Passed this one a few days ago.

Freyner Arango's " I like tattoos "
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30 August, 2016, 1:19 PM UTC

It would be great if we could PRODUCE ox` carts (the things that help us to bring goods from Emporias). For example at special building in the city to send 10 waves (every wave contains X amount of grain and Y amount of wood and bronze) and in return to become 1 cart. You all know that 4 emporias are not enough.

Thank you for this suggestion. May I ask you to give me more details? 

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31 August, 2016, 3:31 AM UTC

another suggestion

  • more oricalco in the pantheons that's what we need hoes with pantheons, 30k oricalco is very little for a coalition 150 members, if you could suggest plarium about 50k would be great

We've tripled the amount of Ori a few months ago. I don't think we'll add more. Capture more Pantheons.

  • shields would be interesting to establish according to their levels of the Archons

Thank you for this suggestion. May I ask you to give me more details? 

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1 September, 2016, 12:54 AM UTC

FastReD said:

  • shields would be interesting to establish according to their levels of the Archons

Thank you for this suggestion. May I ask you to give me more details? 

this is what he told me

  • For example: 1-5 a shield, 6-10 another shield, and so on, classification by levels
Do you know what shield is he referring to? Total protection or something else? 

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2 September, 2016, 12:02 AM UTC

another suggestion

  • That being besieged your city, you release the option, under the report; for example as well as (revenge) appears in the report when you loot your city. Because you must update the browser often to break free.
Good point. I will pass it. Could you please add a link to the original suggestion as well, so I could make a record of its reporter?

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2 September, 2016, 1:14 PM UTC


I don’t understand why there is daily limit of purchase of timber and bronze of 15 for both, and grain is unlimited. I suggest if you can have it unlimited or increase the daily limit.

This limit will be removed. 

The second suggesting that I have is that the women of Sparta were good fighters; they stood defending Sparta along with men. In this game there are many females playing the game and they are great players , how about having a female warriors as a defensive and offensive units (that would be great). Thank you

You have a female General. As for the new Units, we're not planning to add them for now.

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2 September, 2016, 5:44 PM UTC

FastReD said:

another suggestion

  • That being besieged your city, you release the option, under the report; for example as well as (revenge) appears in the report when you loot your city. Because you must update the browser often to break free.
Good point. I will pass it. Could you please add a link to the original suggestion as well, so I could make a record of its reporter?

sorry, this in a closed Facebook group, where many Hispanic players, but here's the screenshot

Oh I see. I'm asking because starting from August 4 I make notes for each suggestion with the link to the player who suggested that idea. If his idea gets implemented in the game, I will send him a reward :) 

Well, if you need anything else you can tell me,

Freyner Arango's " I like tattoos "
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5 September, 2016, 6:39 AM UTC

Add Tracking history in Pantheons.

We have that on Stormfall, really coulduse this on Sparta too. We would be able to see who sent army to pantheon and who recalled.

Do you have a possibility to make a screenshot from Stormfall so I could pass it to devs? 
I'm just Time Lord....
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5 September, 2016, 12:46 PM UTC

I propose that,

in the tournaments be included Amongst the prize: the Upgrade Sketches.

I am sure that all the Spartans, be grateful and thankful to Plarium for this!

a clarification:

gotta be inserted between premiums, accessible to all.

not only to the first 100 in ranked

This is a fundamental point!

Declined. Our developers don't accept suggestions concerning rewards. They change rewards from time to time according to their analytics data.

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5 September, 2016, 7:30 PM UTC

Key Rewards

Any chance of adding some better keys (class 2+) as rewards, at least occasionally, in the tourneys? I am already starting to build up quite a large collection of class 1s that will never be used.

- Thanks.

There is a chance.

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5 September, 2016, 7:41 PM UTC


At the moment, there are only two sizes of decor: ones that fit the smallest city squares, and ones that fit the middle size. When our cities are fully loaded with all possible buildings, and all decor spots are filled, this still leaves many empty large squares.

How about creating decor that will fit into these numerous large empty spaces? I can think of a few suggestions:

  1. Homes/huts/dwellings. Surely every city has living quarters for the people.

  2. Gardens/grass/vegetable plots.

  3. Very large statues/trees (if the devs don't wish to create any new ones, they could simply offer bigger versions of the ones currently available). 

Imagine how much more beautiful our cities would be!

- Thanks.

Our devs are considering several improvements for the Decor feature. Let's wait for their decision.

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5 September, 2016, 10:08 PM UTC

I think that would be very helpful,

if the "to battle" menu, they could see the actions in progress on the individual contact.

function that already exists in the oracle.

Could you please illustrate it with a screenshot?

as you can see, the defense position has a blue box, which indicates that there is a action going in it

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6 September, 2016, 12:23 PM UTC

The barracks have the 'Greek flag' Even though I am very honored to see my countrys flag in the barracks, The greek flag was only created few centuries ago and with a different scheme. Instead of putting the modern Greek flag (which I adore, advertising my country more^^) game wise is not proper. You could put different flags of each ancient-greek city or we could choose instead with which flag we can represent our city, like it belongs to a city state!E,g Spartas=Lacedomonians they got an Λ :)

Could you please show me a screenshot so I could attach it to your suggestion and pass to devs?
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8 September, 2016, 8:14 PM UTC

1) Would you like to expand and improve a game chat? We are spending a lot of time on chat in my coalition. I have an idea to add some improvements for example: 

-coloured nickname => metic green, polemarch purple etc. 

-coalition honorary medals displayed next to nick for example spamer, warrior, defender etc. 

- upload and use own project jpg. as a medal on chat

I know it is working on teamspeak

We are planning to add a chat on our game portal. 
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8 September, 2016, 8:24 PM UTC

--Añadir nuevos edificios ,  hay muchos huecos que no están para nada y dan un efecto vacío a la zona.

Estos edificios podrían ser por ejemplo altares, por ejemplo estos altares, dando recursos, irán aumentando fé , y cuando llegue al máximo te da una bonificación para usar cuando reclames, pero sin ningún tipo de impulsor para que sea algo tipo  " una vez por semana " .

We are planning to add some new Buildings.

-- Añadir nuevos objetos de escenografía , cuando sale en la ruleta un descuento de escenografía se ven por ejemplo imágenes de escudos en el suelo que me llaman mucho la atención y no existen.

Debería de haber aún más variedad, mucha gente pone los 100 soldados de escenografía y se limpian las manos, a mí me gusta llenarlo de árboles en plan fantasía, debería haber más variedad de todo para poder personalizar.

If you mean City Skins, we're working on them.

--Como ya se comentó , que se puedan girar los edificios.

Declined. It's hard to implement with Flash.

--El precio de los esquemas son excesivos, para la gente que no paga,es impensable pagar 1.000 euros en poner una ciudad completa,

  Bajar el precio considerablemente, o dar más por el mismo precio o ponerlo por torneos 

We've already added them to the discounts. 

--La ruleta tiene poca aleatoriedad y está totalmente incompleta.... 

4 Días seguidos reanimar unidades.... No me interesa.

2 días seguidos comprar artesano..... No me interesa, ya sólo necesito esquemas y están impagables.

Our devs are working on improvements for it.

Cofres del general o llAVE   No existe...

Could you please explain this?

--Cuando ves un general de una persona poder pasar el ratón y ver cuanto le da ese item de bonificación.

  De la misma forma que se hace con tu general, que se pueda hacer con el resto de personajes.

You already can see their bonuses.

--" Transfiguración " De los objetos del general; Cambio de aspecto. 

 Me gustaría que estuviesen disponibles los iconos de los objetos que tenéis en vuestra BBDD para poder cambiar el aspecto de mi "escudo " a otro escudo que visualmente me guste más.

Estaría bien de forma visual.

Declined. It would require too many resources. And it's hard to implement. Maybe in the future...

--Jerges Debería dar más cantidad de tropas.

Podrías aumentar la cantidad de tropas que da, Sino queréis : 

Podrías explicar como hacer para sacarle tropas y que sea rentable.  Sino queréis : 

Podríais enseñar el código de programación que habéis hecho y salimos de dudas del punto anterior.

Our devs are considering some changes to PPs.
--El foro Español está muy olvidado

Aunque se resuelven las dudas y tal, las noticias del juego, sólo algunas, llegan traducidas y de aquella manera al foro español.

We don't have a Spanish Forum. Only a Spanish thread. All the news can be fount on this Forum.

--Por 7€ aproximadamente me dan 1100 dracmas APROXIMADANTE por paypal con las ofertas con 5€ he visto 4000dracmas más un par de campeonas....... ERROR 404 LOGIC NOT FOUND !!!

You know that we have regular Bank Offers and Special Offers with bonuses. 

Special Offers appear according to a set algorithm which is constantly evolving. Several departments work on the development of that algorithm and they rely on analytics data, marketing research and other information they receive through their research channels. 

You can receive a cheap or an expensive Special Offer, and it is chosen by that algorithm. Unfortunately, it’s not a part of the game our players can affect directly or pass suggestions about some changes to it. If you don’t like your current Offers or find them expensive, you can wait for better ones, and they will appear sooner or later. 

 Las personas que no tenemos paypal,no tenemos cuenta etc, Y sólo usamos el móvil , somos los más olvidados, renegados y estafados.

Un saludo

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8 September, 2016, 9:46 PM UTC

It seems odd that there is no command in the coalition chat channel to see "WHO" is online - nor in the Global Chat channel 

it could just be a simple

/who - and it would list everyone in the channel - and/or there could be more than one channel in the game server - coalition could make their own chat channel and send private messages to each other - same could be done in global chat channel

i play another game an this is done 

/tell sends a private message like - /tell _name_ : type text of message 

also the message would be in another color type

it just seems odd to me that your online and you can't even see who else in your coalition is online as well unless someone chats in the chat channel at that moment - same for global chat

We are planning to add a feature to show who is online in your Coalition. As for the game chat, our devs are considering some ideas.
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