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9 October, 2016, 8:29 AM UTC

Hello i suggest a policy defensive unit that sink an aggressor ship, this unit could also a mythical unit the Triton whit his strident thanks

Unfortunately, we're not planning to implement new Units for now.
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10 October, 2016, 9:16 AM UTC

1st of all you people (game developer's) should make easy way to communicate with your player which are also your clients. So make your forum v.easy to fill.

Could you please explain what you mean?

2nd U developer's have made this form n everything so strategically so that people should keep searchin things they want and specialy write to you. you developer's realy dont want people sayin and suggesting anything to you all. That why the form is so complicated. AND TO PURPOSELY.

You can leave your suggestions here. Why do you think that developers don't want your opinion?

3rd I didnt get a place where to write so I m writin here. and its your developer's mistake.

4th make an option to block some players because they are just players to you but they keep attackin and raiding again and again. because they keep doin it , the attacked and raided person cant make enough resources and soldiers and then the player loses his/her interest in the game.

Attacks are a part of a gameplay. We can't block that. However, if someone is insulting you, you can block him from sending you PMs.

5th why do you have all most every thing in GOLD COINS. you know lot of players dont have it. it's like you put some food at the end of stick and you are playing with hungry person. You are showing food but you want THAT HUNGRY to take it which is out of reach. And this is the main reason why I wanted to write suggest and complain.


Declined. Quests give you additional rewards.

And please make this form easy to write to you developer's so I and other people dont have write in other's Reply option. And I m looking forward to it that you developer's remove " CAPTURE EMPORIA - DEFEAT RIVALS AT EMPORIA " forever.

And I got to tel you developer's that I myself play real strategical games since I was a kid. So I completely understand why every thing comes around and stop's at buying GOLD COINS. If you have made this game to play then please give us player freedom 2 play by not asking GOLD COINS for every thing. Including ARTICALS also (cheap thinking). Please leave this GREED.

I know that the main developers of this game follow my brother who's known for PRIDE , so please dont get into GREED. Because he is watch you all , all the time.

And before I lose my interest in this game please remove " CAPTURE EMPORIA - DEFEAT RIVALS AT EMPORIA ". because after I stop playing this game many will stop playing and you will lose lots of players from my country HIND.

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10 October, 2016, 10:10 PM UTC

please switch pumpkinhead city schema  something  different this season might be nice and also a christmas city schema   would be interesting to .

We'll consider your idea.
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11 October, 2016, 2:46 PM UTC

I would like to see the game prevent bot cities from being besieged, such as a player automatically getting kicked off if they besiege rather than raid. 

There are some players that monopolize the bot cities, I have counted one player sitting on at least 30 bots, probably many many more if I were to take the time to search further out. Many players will raid and knock him off the cities but he just takes them back or others somewhere else.

It is a senseless waste of resources that could be had by lower level players without them causing aggression toward other players.

I understand this is a war game but it is also about strategy and city building and other achievements. Not every player wants to battle every single day just to get enough resources to upgrade a building.

As we can't automatically define such Castles, we can't take such measures against them.

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11 October, 2016, 6:26 PM UTC

Can Plarium start letting us collect Grain in besieged cities? We can only collect resources from 3 sieged cities so I don't understand why it is not available. It would develop a better game play because it would be more realistic and you would have to more heavily defend your 3 cities and you would have to use more troops to raid a sieged city. So we win and Plarium wins because we would have to purchase more Defensive and Offensive troops to get and hold onto the sieges. In REAL life a sieged city would be plundered of all of its resources including fortunes i.e. Drachmas

Declined. It would require too many changes to the other parts of the code.

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11 October, 2016, 7:00 PM UTC
landmark28213 said:

please switch pumpkinhead city schema  something  different this season might be nice and also a christmas city schema   would be interesting to .

We'll consider your idea.
its good that you can consider the idea ,also I would like to suggest that city skin ,or schemas whichever you choose to use ,should be able to be archived once you  purchase  them so you can continue to use them has seasons change. taking them away after you shell out thousands of drachmas is unfair  to players who are trying to stay in the game long term ,seems plarium works against them
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12 October, 2016, 7:57 PM UTC

Buen día.

Veo que han aumentado los niveles de los acuerdos (anteriormente estaba en 20) hasta el nivel 32 y me parece muy bien para mejorar las características de ataque / defensa, pero eso implica costos de mejoras muy elevados(tiempo y recursos).

Sería bueno que implementen algún tipo de recompensa que te permita mejorar el nivel de acuerdo en función del tiempo de firma (se me ocurre reducción de tiempo de firma en un 20% durante 2 días).

También deberían implementar que a medida que se mejora los acuerdos, las tropas bajen sus costos y tiempo de producción. (En los torneos se pierde muchas tropas y volver a recuperarse toma mucho tiempo y como consecuencia no se puede participar en todos los eventos incluso para participar en las misiones individuales contra jerjes)

Declined. New levels were not designed to be upgraded in a few days. It's a long-term task.

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Greed oft o'er reaches itself
13 October, 2016, 12:48 PM UTC

Why was my suggestion today unanswered and instead deleted by admin or plarium asskissing bot-mods?

Selling accounts is against our Forum rules. We won't review such suggestions.

Thank you for response.  Well if you organised it legitimately through yourselves(as suggested), then it wouldn't be against your rules.
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16 October, 2016, 12:39 PM UTC

I would like to suggest the chance to add more décor,

if you go to your city ,to the wall where the tribute carts come, you will find that it is impossible to add décor to end of wall

there is no reason for décor not to be able to go there . please clarify why décor cannot be placed along the end of this wall near tree growth area

would improve a blank spot  along the wall and improve defense all the while

I will pass your suggestion to devs.

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16 October, 2016, 4:52 PM UTC


I think that the cost to freshen the Aether

should come down gradually as the time decreases.

and it would also be functional if you could apply the acceleration.

Declined. This feature was designed to require certain amount of time between each series of hits. You an use Drachmas if you don't want to wait, but we won't make this option cheaper.

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17 October, 2016, 10:15 AM UTC

I leave in CHILE and doesnt appear the PayPal option, why?

Also, can you add more invest-options, such as Payza, Skrill, Neteller, etc...?

Hi! Please contact our Support Team if you have any payment issues.
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17 October, 2016, 6:58 PM UTC

Lyderis said:

1.reduce travel time to positions, if u do only 1 at a time, it would take u 2 h to do all 60 of those every day, and that is if u kill position every time, if not, then that would take even longer (1 min to engage position, then 1 min until they get back after battle, so 2 min for each position)... it would be just great if it would take 10 sec, like it does on positions below lvl 6. this would also encourage ppl to do more pp every day, meaning they would spend more money after they loose all their troops there, so every1 wins at the end:)

2.obviously coalition management should be able to see def statistics stationed at capital, just takes too much time to do it all manually.

3.140 pp lvl is nice, but why stop there? also some more campaign missions?

4.lvl 61 players compete in tourneys vs all high lvl players, there should be another group of like 61-81 lvl, then 81-101 lvl, and then another 1 above lvl 101 ofcourse.

5.and the last one: +50 % should be available for drachmas, there r some ppl that can not spend real money, for many various reasons.

1. Declined. Travel time is already reduced to 60s.

2. Accepted. It will be added in one of the future updates.

3. It's possible that we will add more levels in the future, but I don't have any precise time frames.

4. Accepted. We have already launched a new system of leagues in Soldiers Inc. It's possible that we will spread it to all of our games in the future.

5. Declined. This Item was designed as a part of our Special Deals. It wasn't intended to be a Market Item available for Drachmas. It was made to limit its usage and keep the game balance.

I would like to support the request for more distinction between player levels wth regard to tourneys as suggested above. As a lvl 72 player "my league" includes everyone up until 100+ or whatever the highest player level currently is, which makes it impossible to get a decent rank/reward.

I would also like to suggest applying the same to emporia. As it is now, a lvl 72 player has to compete for emporia with everyone up to lvl 100+, as far as I can see from the emporia my oracle provides. It would make for a more balanced battle if there were more subdivisions, e.g. lvl 70-90 have the same emporia and then 90+. 

it would correspond with the recent introduction of new game levels as well in my opinion.

Another suggestion I have would be the introduction of a new defensive cavalry unit. As it is, there are 2 offensive cavalry types which can be built using normal resources and 1 offensive cavalry type that can be built with denarii; and 1 defensive cavalry type for each resource type. In my opinion it should be more even, or is there any particular reason behind this dysbalance? 

However, I do realise that the cavalry building queue is maxed out as it is when one is trying to build scouts, MP and Legates and the occasional off cavalry, so there would probably be need for more adjustment in case yet another cavalry unit type would be introduced.

thanks for considering my suggestions

Unfortunately, we are not planning to add new Units for now. Current Units are balanced and new ones may change this balance drastically.

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17 October, 2016, 11:02 PM UTC

Phylarch Bonuses

At the moment, they need to be activated every 3 hours. In my opinion, this becomes very tedious very quickly. How about changing the activation duration to 6 hours

Declined. This feature was designed to be time-sensitive. If you want to receive a bonus all day long, you will need to relogin each 3 hours to activate your Phylarch.
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18 October, 2016, 3:57 PM UTC

if we can exchange  'gp's '  for scrolls etc why not the reverse option

The same as with the Drachmas. You can buy something using these two kinds of Resources, but you cannot receive them for selling something. There are many similar Items you get for free in the game, so it would be a bit messy.
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Greed oft o'er reaches itself
18 October, 2016, 6:21 PM UTC

GLP said:

Phylarch Bonuses

At the moment, they need to be activated every 3 hours. In my opinion, this becomes very tedious very quickly. How about changing the activation duration to 6 hours

Declined. This feature was designed to be time-sensitive. If you want to receive a bonus all day long, you will need to relogin each 3 hours to activate your Phylarch.

What a bag of *.  I thought that was a good suggestion.

Plarium, that still wouldn't be an all day long bonus, just many tedious 3 hour bonuses back to back that you would have to time logging in when last one finishes, plus that counts nothing for overnight.This is the most crap thing about it.  Would have been better if activation for 24 hours or at least 8-12, with the ability to swap bonuses out while still in active state. What use is 3 hours city def extra bonus overnight.  The functions are not able to be fully used, when a paltry 3 hours is all you get per activation!

Mind your language!

The bonus was designed for active players. If you need a long-lasting Bonus, you can use different Items at the Black Market.

  Why do I need to mind my language?, is it in my way and I need to move around it?  

Anyway I think that was not really a swear word!

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18 October, 2016, 6:25 PM UTC

When we open the scroll study tree at the academy the tree should automatically re-center itself on the last study completed.  It is very tedious to wait for all the icons to load and then scroll down the whole tree to find the one you want to study (Typically the next level of the last one you completed)

It's a known issue, and our devs are planning to improve this.
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18 October, 2016, 6:41 PM UTC

There should be an option to trade in specialty items that have a drachma value attached toward the purchase of other similar drachma items.  Plarium could set a discounted trade-in value for such items. 

Why? Many players are stuck with items they don't use either through purchases of value packs or because they have advanced beyond the point where said items are useful.

Benefit: It would allow players to get rid of things like Silver Caduccees, scroll ciphers, pools of fate and such to buy items they want to use.

Benefit: It would be an incentive to buy good value packs even if the mix of "free items" is less than ideal.

Declined. The issue is that players receive a lot of Items they don't need in such huge numbers. Our devs are aware of this issue and they will find a solution.
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Greed oft o'er reaches itself
19 October, 2016, 9:48 AM UTC

Since you equal out the jumps in reverse stats of defense and offense units in recent agreements upgrade...To keep in line with game balance, any chance you make infirmary upgades(for sketches) equal so it would be up to 50% revivals max for both, rather than just offense.  Also the temple of pan is still 2 lelvels behind temple of hepaestus, would be nice if they could be equal.

Declined. Offensiove Units are still Offensive. Even if they have a Defensive value, they won't be so effective as Defensive Units.
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21 October, 2016, 12:11 AM UTC

you should add new spot in forum for new server for players and coas.  :)

Why? They can use the current spots :)

very true, but if you want to create confusion then you are right.  if you want to expand then others will want to break free of first world.  then again if you didnt want them to break free then you would not have created the second server....i could be wrong but why else would you make second server???   respectfully!   :))
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21 October, 2016, 8:26 AM UTC

...i haven' t  seen any relocation pools in a while.   requesting them>>>   reward on tourneys ...

Tournament rewards change from time to time. Maybe they will appear some day.
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