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13 May, 2016, 1:39 PM UTC

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13 May, 2016, 7:21 PM UTC

So no more  separate threads for suggestions? All should go here?

Yes. Other threads will be moved in future.
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14 May, 2016, 9:16 PM UTC

Reduce grain consumption of defense units or resources needed. Especially during early game, its impossible to build enough defensive units, not only are they very weak, u need to build alot and thus require more resources then offensive unit.

Besides that because u need to build alot more, u are always in - grain.

Which might also be reason why people only have offensive troops, like why build 800 jav when 200 swordsmen are just as good.


Declined. Units do not disband anymore, so you can build them even with negative Grain balance. You also have a lot of opportunities to reduce Grain consumption.

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15 May, 2016, 8:16 PM UTC

option to make units return from emporia once the total amount of wanted resources are gathered return.

if u put a big army that need to collect 3000 recources then it stays maybe 12hours or more.

Would like my army to return when i want it by setting the resources it needs to collect.

Declined. If you want to collect less Resources, you can send less Units to Emporia.

In addition, you click on the "Collect" button anytime to get your desired effect.
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17 May, 2016, 2:05 PM UTC

Please incorporate an ability to make buildings swap places in the city edit mode.

1. Editing walls and towers is impossible with the current system, because once you have all wall/tower places filled in, you no longer have extra place to move them around. The only solution to this currently, is to destroy a tower or a section of a wall...then editing can be done. Clicking on a building with another one on your cursor, thus swapping them, would be a perfect solution for this.

2. While this is not as big of a problem for other building types, as there is always unused space, it is still inconvenient that you have to move a building to another location first, before putting another one in its place.

I have passed this suggestions to our developers.

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17 May, 2016, 10:22 PM UTC

the random quest to kill 250 power level troops only awards attacking troops. This quest should also give the reward when defending and killing 250 power level troops.

The quest could be changed to attack or defend and destroy x amount of power level troops

Declined. The details are listed in the quest description. It's possible that we will add more quests in the future, but it's not our higher priority.
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17 May, 2016, 10:32 PM UTC

1.reduce travel time to positions, if u do only 1 at a time, it would take u 2 h to do all 60 of those every day, and that is if u kill position every time, if not, then that would take even longer (1 min to engage position, then 1 min until they get back after battle, so 2 min for each position)... it would be just great if it would take 10 sec, like it does on positions below lvl 6. this would also encourage ppl to do more pp every day, meaning they would spend more money after they loose all their troops there, so every1 wins at the end:)

2.obviously coalition management should be able to see def statistics stationed at capital, just takes too much time to do it all manually.

3.140 pp lvl is nice, but why stop there? also some more campaign missions?

4.lvl 61 players compete in tourneys vs all high lvl players, there should be another group of like 61-81 lvl, then 81-101 lvl, and then another 1 above lvl 101 ofcourse.

5.and the last one: +50 % should be available for drachmas, there r some ppl that can not spend real money, for many various reasons.

1. Declined. Travel time is already reduced to 60s.

2. Accepted. It will be added in one of the future updates.

3. It's possible that we will add more levels in the future, but I don't have any precise time frames.

4. Accepted. We have already launched a new system of leagues in Soldiers Inc. It's possible that we will spread it to all of our games in the future.

5. Declined. This Item was designed as a part of our Special Deals. It wasn't intended to be a Market Item available for Drachmas. It was made to limit its usage and keep the game balance.
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17 May, 2016, 11:43 PM UTC

add option to skip 1 or 2 event daily quest per day. as example when receiving the persian dailies, when your near payout, u dont have the troops or risk to take out some lower levels.

this makes it that u need to wait 4 hours for a new quest.

Or add another set of new quests so we can have more choice and things to do. if u get a raiding quest and used all your raids, u can't do nothing for 4 hours.

there is not much to do in game when your stuck on a quest u cannot do at the moment. Offer the ability to skip 1-2 per day or add another set of seperate quests so we have more options available to actually do something.

Declined. Quests are changing automatically if you don't complete them, so we won't add such option. You need to complete your quest or wait for another one.

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18 May, 2016, 2:25 PM UTC

1. again, reduce travel time- takes too long, it makes no difference to plarium, but saves time for players!!! takes too much time to do all 60 positions. i know it was reduced to 1 min, was done ages ago, and by then we had only 24 positions in the oracle. now we have 60, if travel time get's reduced to 10 sec i do not see any1 who would loose from that.

2. make an option, to be able to mix all lvl 1 elixirs to at least lvl 4 with a single click, takes too long to mix them starting from lvl 1, cause lvl 12 elixir requires over 2 k lvl 1 elixirs, and that is a lot of clicking to do. lvl 4 u can activate and remove at no cost, so no need to have lvl 1-3 elixirs anyway.

3. make leonidas city possible to raid, that way u will know what players think of u.

4.give us event schedule, so we can prepare for them.

1. Duplicate. Declined.

2. It will be released in one of the future updates.

3. Declined. It's not designed for raiding it.

4. We release Tournament schedule from time to time. 
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18 May, 2016, 4:34 PM UTC

Pools of fate and fidelity  are a very expensive item for many players. Would it be possible for them to be added as a reward item in the tournaments? Perhaps require a player to contribute a set number of points to be eligible to receive one as a tournament reward?

It's possible that you will get a chance to receive them as a reward in some Tournaments, but I don't have any precise information on this matter.
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18 May, 2016, 7:56 PM UTC

1. I feel that there is a need to add an additional individual reward (no matter how small) for those who finish in the top place of coalition missions. This will stimulate friendly competition among coalition members, and increase participation in these events. It needs NOT be a significant reward, just something symbolic for psychological effect, to ignite internal competition within coalitions.

2. Also, as of today, the game is missing entirely any type of a recognition feature for diligent players--something that every society in history had.  Those, who contribute to coalition progression and benefit others the most, need to be distinguished among their peers. This can take the form of medals, banners, titles, special city decorations (perhaps awarded by Hegemons once per month to selected few)... anything at all that leaves visual distinction in player names or their cities. This will stimulate everyone to compete and contribute within coalitions, as currently every clan has contributers and those who only play for their own sake, feeding of the work of their comrades. Perhaps this will finally make it prestigious to be the former, and not the latter.

3. I also feel that Hegemons do not command the respect and fear among enemies, that kings of antiquity should. Everyone more or less treats them the same as common players in chat or elsewhere when it comes to disrespect. Hence, they need to have a special ability to stand up for their members and their own image in individual quarrels--make the enemies fear to disrespect the Hegemon title. Perhaps there can be something analogous to a political attack, that a hegemon can use only once per week free of cost on any enemy city as punishment. Instead of killing units, like PAs, it should, for instance, stop the enemy archon from building troops for a number of days, or stop his armies from leaving his city for 24 hours. A variation of this should also exist to punish their own members, if they act to the detriment of the coalition (currently, the only punishment is to boot a player, which for obvious reasons can't help in upbringing them as members).  For instance, the punishment function can have visual effect on a city like PA does, for everyone to see. The affected player might not receive any individual or coal quest rewards for a number of days, or anything else the Plarium staff would find to be balanced as punishment.

1. I will pass this suggestion to out developers.

2. Declined. Hegemons can benefit their Coalition members by assigning them a higher Rank.

3. Declined. Hegemons should earn respect by their behaviour and actions, not by the in-game buffs/debuffs.

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19 May, 2016, 3:39 PM UTC

defending needs work. most people have large offensive troops and without defenders there is nothing to attack. Unless some weak troops like javs and psicos. Even emporium armies are as weak as they can be.

this makes the game feel empty and boring, since u need defense troops to kill.

I guess this point don't matter once u attack pantheons and capitols. But wasting your time trying to find something to kill because no one is strong enough to defend, or defending is so weak, also because PA attacks wipe them out making it even less worth to keep defense troops outside.

So if all troops are inside the acropolis how is this game playable. There needs to be a way to make defending more attractive or people will quiet since there is nothing to attack.

We will continue working on new game features which will give some extra bonuses to our players. If you have any ideas how we could encourage our players to defend, please share.

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20 May, 2016, 9:52 AM UTC

suggestion of adding upgraded sketches to pvp rewards to help players upgrade buildings past level 21

Declined. Unfortunately, we will not add them to the rewards. Our players have a lot of opportunities to earn free Drachmas in the game and use them to buy Sketches.
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20 May, 2016, 11:10 PM UTC

Bringing back war into war of empires:

Battle reports are too generic, winning or losing has no impact. Succesfully defending or attacking should receive additional rewards such as extra resources, units gained and such. Offcourse killing 50 jav with 400k offensive would gain very little. But a big even battle or large battles should give some suprise rewards like small amount of troops u can't build yet.

Similar to the mechanic like persians, there should be a chance for a big reward. Just like with persians when your battle bank has filled , a nice reward can happen which would make combat more intresting and only succesfully defending or attacking will get this reward. Making it more important to actually win. 

Besides that: u could design special rewards or items that can only be gained through succesfull battles. Rewards for offensive battles and rewards for defending succesfully. These items should not be possible to get with drachmas. So only war can obtaine these rewards.

The best way to play is to just build and not fight and check back in 6 months later when your army is gigantic.

The possibilities are endless by shifting the focus more on fighting and defending. 

As example: someone succesfully defending an emporium getting hit by 5 attackers and loosing a large part of his army should be able to look at his battle reports and smile and received a bit more then just some pvp points.

An enemy is sending a large force and u have the choice between fighting and dying like a man or hiding in your acropolis. Defending your own city should also be rewarded instead of hiding.

People would have more fun when your actions and battles have more impact. A reason why people like persians is because of the potential suprise reward. Gaining troops, resources or special items made for this would stimulate people to actually play the game...

At the moment when u play the game, they call it stupid because your wasting more then u can gain so not playing and just building doing nothing is the best strategy.

As example: alot of people want sketches, if u could win sketches from defending only, then alot more people would shift to more defense units. Good rewards like this can help u influence players to instead of offensive units only, also shift some power to defense.

examples of defending rewards:

usable item that speedboost your defense troops only to a friendly city for help anywhere on the map.

usable item, while defending an allied city, your ally can use his infirmary to heal your lost units..

example of offensive rewards

this item increases the speed of your armies travel based on the size of your army. The bigger your army the faster it travels to its destination

Alot of cool stuff can be added to the game to stimulate actual war by obtaining fun, cool rewards that cant be too overpowered but should be very usefull without an too overpowered advantage.

ps: for drachma user, the counter spionage units cost 500 drachma while deployed for 5 minutes makes the PA do half damage or something to reduce the impact of PA and giving similar weaponary to defenders.


Declined. You get Experience Points for your PvP activities. Moreover, you reach additional goals: you can Raid the defeated City, or you can save your Resources from raiders, you can capture the Pantheon, etc. Such activities can give you small rewards sometimes, but they were not supposed to give you the same rewards as Positions.

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22 May, 2016, 7:41 AM UTC

If they just done a away with the sale of the PA more people will be willing to defend there city. I hate going to bed and come back when i get up to find i got hit by 30 or 40 PA .We only get a few points and they get a lot why leave are defense out if we don't get any thing for the work we did in the game but because some one use money or a hack to buy them.

Please post only your suggestions here. You can discuss game features in the Game discussion thread.
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23 May, 2016, 9:16 PM UTC

1. Need notifications in chat when capitals in Sparta are downgraded (like pantheons)

2. Also would be nice if you could set up  that only downgraded pantheons would be shown in chat

1. Do you mean for your Coalition or for all Coalitions?

2. Why do you want it to be changed?
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23 May, 2016, 10:13 PM UTC

I was thinking that this game is greatly in need of a Defence type of roman troop in Phalanx units.  

There is only Evocatus there that can be recruited/build with Denarii. It would help a lot of players, including myself to build a related roman def unit instead .

There are many types of building unit combos and for a def player will help him out a lot.

Thanks for your time.

In short: Create a def roman unit in phalanx selection that costs denarii

It's possible that we will add some more Units in the future, however they require balancing with the existing ones. So I can't promise you that.

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24 May, 2016, 6:35 AM UTC

wire said:

If they just done a away with the sale of the PA more people will be willing to defend there city. I hate going to bed and come back when i get up to find i got hit by 30 or 40 PA .We only get a few points and they get a lot why leave are defense out if we don't get any thing for the work we did in the game but because some one use money or a hack to buy them.

Could you please give more details? I'm not sure I understand your suggestion.

I thinks he said the bomber who attacks him with waves of political units (Greek Assassins) earns lots of PVP points, and the victim earns nothing (though he actually earns from his losses, AFAIK), since he can't kill ennemy units.

And this seems unbalanced and unfair to him.

Thank you for your explanations.
Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice
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24 May, 2016, 9:38 AM UTC

Of course, but why do you specifically want phalanx ?

A association of both is better.

Don't forget it doesnt affect combat results, that are based on the attacker's main kind of offense, which you can't obviously control.

Then your defense units best value against them will be used. But even if you had a high level defense phalanx unit, it would have its own defense values anyway, separate from your other phalanx units, so in the end, the fact it's cavalry rather than phalanx makes NO difference at all.

When resolving combats, it's the attacker's kind that counts. Not the defender's. :)

All units have only one unique attack value anyway. :)

Besides, the specificity of Roman units is they have the same unique defense value against all kinds of offense.

So even if they were light infantry, it would change nothing ! :p

The only reason why attacking cavalry, for instance, is advantaged over defending infantry, is the infantry has a low defense value against them.

But it's absolutely not the case of any Roman units, so there, their nature is totally irrelevant ! ^^

As such, mixing your Legates with any classical phalanx will make as good a defense force as if they were phalanx... Or anything else. :)

Your request may then be only of a cosmetic nature, because there would be room for a better phalanx defense unit in the tree, etc. Or maybe to optimize troops production ? I usually use my denarii to produce Evocatii.

Actually, I don't make any defense phalanx myself, except to round up numbers, since you get so many thousandths of them from persians and tournaments already. Legates are more powerful, all purposes anyway and cheaper than Evocatii, so they're the way to go. :)

Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice
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26 May, 2016, 5:59 PM UTC

some kind of boost option to increase production of units by 20-50% for two days. Like any city in war, everything will be used to make war, factories will be turned into war production and such..

maybe once a week u can boost up your production much higher to pump out units to wage war.

There could be Visuals added that this city is in a state of war and has increased production.

There could be multiple options to create this, use resources, drachma or denarii to pay to go in this state.

Many people only play during the weekend or certain days. So being able to boost your production temporarly would be handy.

Plan B: upgrading the troop production line to produce faster would also be nice.

Declined. Units production is balanced, and we can't boost it that much. However, we will add some game features which will give you such opportunity in the future.

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