A Vow to Break the Monopoly

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29 February, 2016, 2:31 PM UTC

A Vow to Break the Monopoly

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1 March, 2016, 10:34 PM UTC

Well isn't it great Lost Souls want to help fellow players to get more pantheons? well, lets have a look at issue closer.....

1. Why they didn't want to share when they were monopoly?

2. Lets be honest, only top coiners can hold so many pantheons or attack others to scare them off. Ordinary coiners wouldn't stand chance

There is only so much you can control with 160 players (technically, 1 player could do it on its own, but doubt they willing to spend that much money)

So if you overextend at every pan drop, you are running on borrowed time. It will happened to every coalition who follow this pattern.

3. So LS is first to fall.....(well after Kracken) interesting that they are freedom fighters now, to me it sounds like if we cant have monopoly, then nobody should!

4. We as many others only take as many pans as we have numbers for every drop, we don't follow live fast die young, but it is working.

5. Greed catches up with people, or dinosaurs die so others can live, its lifecycle.

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