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30 November, 2017, 1:01 PM UTC

Update News!

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A message from the marathoners!


This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made some important updates:

- A problem that caused Denarii Packs (1000) from the Market to be applied incorrectly has now been fixed.

- The "Coalition Attack" button was mistakenly displayed in the Acropolis interface. This has now been fixed.

- The Offense and Defense icons on the Tracking Panel have been changed to provide more clarity.

- The Unit Training Boost Discount is now applied correctly when all Training Queues are boosted at the same time.

- We have added a tooltip to the Tournament Rankings window, which is shown if you hover over the number that indicates Tournament Points a player has collected. The tooltip shows the number of Tournament points in full numeric form.

- In certain instances, players did not receive General Equipment Items from Positions. This has now been fixed - all Positions now yield General Equipment Items.

- You can now select all available Spying Units at once when selecting Units.

- A problem that caused 1 day and 7 day Coalition Help Requests be processed as 4 hour Requests has been fixed.

- A problem that caused issues with filtering Diplomatic Reports has been fixed.

- A message will now appear in the Coalition Chat when Coalitions set their diplomatic status to "At Peace".

Now, Archon, assemble your Cavalry and fortify your city, for Xerxes has no doubt been rallying his forces.

Basileus Leonidas

War doesn't determine who is right - only who is left.
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6 December, 2017, 1:58 AM UTC
Correct me if Im wrong, but a couple of these apply to the Facebook platform and not the plarium.com platform. The one that stands out is the coalition help, which pertains to attack requests.
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