Take part in the Oktoberfest Treasure Hunt!

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15 September, 2017, 11:55 AM UTC

Take part in the Oktoberfest Treasure Hunt

Raise a toast to greater Rewards


The gods are in a festive mood. Take part in the Oktoberfest Treasure Hunt to join the party.

You will need to get Collectibles (Pitchers) to earn Reward Kits. Pitchers come in three rarity types: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Each type will earn you a different number of points: Bronze (1 point), Silver (3 points), and Gold (5 points).

Find Pitchers in your City interface and earn them by completing the following in-game tasks during the Oktoberfest Treasure Hunt:

- Participating in Tournaments

- Winning battles against your rivals

- Winning battles at enemy Positions

- Constructing or upgrading Buildings

- Signing or updating Agreements

- Purchasing select Bank packages and Market Items

- Completing Divine Quests

- Completing Campaign Missions

Reward Kits are granted to players at the end of the event based on their final number of points. Players can earn all four Reward Kits if they earn enough points during the Treasure Hunt.

Drachmas will be awarded to players who manage to place in the Rankings during the event.

Are you thirsty for victory, Archon? Seize as many Pitchers as you can and rake in the Rewards.

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