Get Guaranteed Rewards at Persian Positions!

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25 July, 2015, 3:15 AM UTC

Well, that was quite unexpected, but it finally came by surprise :

Of course, this happened after lots of weak partial payouts.

So I guess what was previously lost was actually stored to raise the bank, an I could modify the speadsheet so take both total losses and partial payouts in account, but I'm still really unable to guess WHEN the big payout is upposed to drop...

Remember I had a 9.5 M bank half paid back when they changed the system, then after I had finished all the pre-weakened down positions, i had spent over 20 M to get 17.5 M back.

It went the same way for another dozen of positions or so, then suddenly, this.

It may of course seem weak, but do'nt forget to add all the previous partials... I've stopped calculating (but now I will start over again from this point), but I should have lost around an additional 5 M to get these 6.8 M back, so if I add up all the losses and payouts from July 2nd (my last regular big payout), I've probably earned 5% over total investment, so it looks like it's still working the old way after all.

The real concern is it's actually unpredictable, so someone throwing horses and phalanx hoping for the jackpot may end up naked. That's why I'm building lots of infantry for Persians while building more phalanx and cavalry for PVP purposes, as you can see. :)

Actually, if there are a few phalanx on the above screen, it's only because I wanted to try a hit for the current tournament. Else I would have waited another day or two, and probably missed the tournament end.

Also note I earned a hundreths of Spartan Hoplites recently (difficult to tell if it would have been considered a partial or a big payout !) that helped me playing new Persian positions. I've lso played low level (levels 43 to 54, mostly) to easily turn infantry into cavalry and phalanx, though in reatively small quantities.

Here I've probably ben lucky. Or maybe the time was right... The problem is I just can't figure out for now ! :p

I pity the fool
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25 July, 2015, 4:37 PM UTC

today i hit a l55 def position, 350 thuere end up losing 233 getting 101 trojan and 35 spartan promachos

-i was like....oh gosh, the bank amount so high and yet it still taking out my personal unit without big reward, mood down

then i send the rest of the promachos with 5 agema cavalry and 20 swordman to a 1 bar l62 offensive position to weaken it or if can complete it.

once the report appear, it shown all unit dead except 1 swordman return with the reward of 277 agema cavalry and 57 mounted peltast.

the reward only worth of 30% of my total loses of 2.4m defensive and 1.2m offensive of cavalry, now i have cavalry to raid for resource, but i really dont know if there any chance will get back the 2.4m defensive unit at bank, because there is no more defensive unit to hit those l55 onward that cost 350-500k of persians raper.

till then i will try weaken the position, if my defensive reward unit didnt appear from that position, im good as dead, because the number of unit i be sending to clear that position is exactly the 30% of cavalry value that i got from the reward.
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26 July, 2015, 5:48 AM UTC

A good friend of mine just won 2403 Promachoi + 480 Thuerophoroi out of a level 78 position.

He used the old calculation system, only substracting all partial payouts from the bank to know where he is. This one even fell half way from paying back the bank, actually, as he was growing impatient and decided to finish this one off. :D

So all we can say for now is :

- Yes, the bank system is still working, but partial payouts make it growing slower ;

- Payouts (I mean, real, serious ones) trigger in a quite unpredictable manner... :(

I pity the fool
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26 July, 2015, 6:12 AM UTC

this is the reason  im  willing to leave  game and never playing that  retard persians  positions anymore lost more then 20 million

and im not alone from now  on hope plairum plays alone this game is not worth  to play anymore

rgds can

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27 July, 2015, 10:59 AM UTC

all i see is only 2 moderators defending this new plarium's system:) but, can those 2 moderators explain me, how this can happen:

1. my pay out 18 k m/p s. killed those, killed all partials, killed another 10 %- another pay out 18 k m/p s

2. killed those 18 k m/p s again, killed partials, killed another 10 %- another 18 k m/p s

3. same thing, all dead + extra- 6 k macs...

so what is the point of doing pp any more?

i might do positions to get more off, and hit lvl 5 pantheon, and say good bye to all of u guys:)
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27 July, 2015, 11:57 AM UTC


What was wrong with the first system ?

Big spenders and regular players are asking you to reconsider what you did ? you took from use the only way to get armies. Us who dont put much of real credit ingame,  persians really helped to get armies. For those big spenders enabled them to raise armies by doing persians not theyre losing armies.

You only done this to make more money from people who lose all and in order to keep playing they need to revive. Some also did that before to have even bigger armies but now if you do persians youre always losing.

Or am i wrong only payout i saw was from moderator which doesnt tell me anything. i can get in payout 5 k agemas but if i lost 10 k agemas im still not getting back what i put in and i think that is what persians were meant to do...slowly rising your army little by little now we just lose. Really that is not a game i started playing and enjoy playing it

Regards G

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Uncle Junior
27 July, 2015, 12:26 PM UTC
Shame really, all those big names complaining and no response. Same as we were offered to make 30% unit return optional we could have been offered to make persian system option where we could chose which system we want to play by. So the ones that like the new system can continue using it, ones that like the old system can continue using that one.
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27 July, 2015, 10:55 PM UTC

Close this topic already.

Why allow people post about something you don't want to listen about?

And a quick read through the posts could tell you easily that most of the people don't like the new system.

You (Plarium) do not listen and do not care, so close this topic already, its useless.

Not a big spender but seriously considering rage quit the game

Uhm forgot you don't care.

Well close this topic !

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28 July, 2015, 1:13 AM UTC

The new positions seem to be designed so that people with large armies and high postions lose so many troops they are forced to buy new ones. All the big players are going to leave if the havent already left. This is not a way to treat the best players of the game but I guess you just want random casual players and dont care about retaining the high level players. Your startegy does not make economic sense and you are destroying this game.  

The worst part of all this is that we didnt get any warning, many people had many troops banked that are now lost because like myself they are no longer doing positions with the new system. To continue with the new system I would loose even more. If we would have been informed of the change people would of cleared thier banks before the change. I feel you have stolen about 4 mil worth of troops from me in the so called bank because I will not play these new persians and loose eveything like many high level players have done.

I cant raid King Leo so I guess the only way to go to war here is to keep the wallet closed until this is reversed, or eventually quit if it takes to long.

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28 July, 2015, 3:31 AM UTC

This new improve system still running at the most horrible payout ever.

i have lost alot of my army previously, and now after using clearing about 5-7 more position i found out that my old loses never been repay me back making me losing another 1.1m defensive army and 600k offensive to this few completed position.

my old loses is 2.4m and 600k offensive after added with the new clear position with no big reward my loses has reach 3.5m defensive and 1.2m offensive.

the previous big reward of 277 agema actually gonna lose back because it only 30% of my previous old loses unit, now after sending the army to clear some of the position i have lose 3x the value of the previous reward of 277 agema.Those moderator showing how profit they are all lier and big fat loser, they wanna support plarium for this scam so they could get pay by drachma and keep their freaking army rebuild while we lose so many and they ignore us and showing some lunatic big payout instead at the beggining they have lose more than they earn and say earning 110% from their loses, shame on you moderator.

stop making fools outta us, people are quitting this game and you guys still know how to "throw a dead cat to a party", if you dont understand this meaning go check the internet for answer.

Dear Moderator, stop making fool outta us by showing the big reward of your's, we all know it has high loses at the beggining and the reward only not even consider the total loses you have lose, stop joking around with us, we know better than you moderator the scammer

Nothing in Common
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28 July, 2015, 3:45 AM UTC

this few weeks pass, im been talking about my loses around and around, but you guys keep ignoring and believe those moderator about the reward.

if i'm not losing any army to this new system, you really think i'm that free to repeating what i lose during the persian position again and again, you really think i'm that free to make up some stupid lunatic story to get attention.

honestly i'm just a normal player that love historical of ancient warfare, i never start getting this emo rampage after this new persian position changes.

not because i wanna make up something, but instead it happening, now i'm losing about 3.5m defensive and 1.2m offensive making me left 40% of my total army at acropolis, it a whole face palm situation, hope you guys know how desperated situation i'm facing......losing so much and yet there is no big reward to cover my total loses.

i'm from malaysia, not from west country, if there unfair happen i stood up and fuk the crap outta it, the 1st thing i wanna F is plarium, and the 2nd is the moderator that love to make up some stupid shlt to support this kind of shlt.
Nothing in Common
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28 July, 2015, 8:03 AM UTC

Today persian event i have tested out by clearing 19 position that given me about 9990 persian point using my left over 40% unit.

The result is bad, real freaking bad.....

4.3m defensive and 900k offensive of the 40% at acropolis after clearing 19 position the final conclusion is 4.2m defensive and 600k offensive with 2 time big reward of 399 spartan promachos and 1900 thuerephoros while losing 1200 mounted peltast and 230 agema cavalry, as you can see i have lose 100k defensive and 300k offensive from the result, this is how plarium keep our unit down slowly forcing you to lose 10-30% every time you play persians, if you guys still nut crack, just test it yourself and don't blame me not telling you.

my previous loses was 3.5m defensive and 1.2m offensive, how much or how many i clear, my previous loses never reward back, it just reward me what i spend today and never reward me back what i loses previously.\

good work plarium, you guys really reset my previous loses back to 0 so each day i clear an position you only repay me back what i lose today and delete the previous or yesterday loses.

this game has gone horrible wrong after the new system, good luck on earning quitter rather than dollar, i'm not spending any time on this crappy paddy lousy game.

here is a magic word for the ancient sparta>

Every men must die, but die like this is stupid.

Nothing in Common
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Basileus Leonidas
30 July, 2015, 5:18 PM UTC

Dear forumers, please be aware that I gave my answer regarding update in this topic.

War doesn't determine who is right - only who is left.
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1 August, 2015, 8:29 AM UTC

This System ist just stupid. You get a Big Payout but it dindt cover the loses...

Please bring the old system back and s..... about it.
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28 August, 2015, 3:29 AM UTC

Hello Archon,

I myself had a lot of trouble with the PPs at the beginning of this new update but after reading through other players experiences and helpful tips, I've managed to have some really nice payouts. I think the most important thing is to avoid those smaller payouts at all cost.
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29 August, 2015, 8:25 AM UTC

i have lost over than 3 million def but i haven,t got any payout,s and don,t have any def troops to do any more def persians

i can see that only moderator,s are in the favour of new persian  position change,s

i have done 12 def persian,s but no big reward,s now only have 200 mp,s remaining and i can,t clear any more level as my lowest persian lvl is 56
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29 August, 2015, 3:39 PM UTC

Well, remember my last payout ?

Since then, i've been going on hitting the lowest positions I was offered when I had quests about them.

Then I got my second surpise payout on August 18th : 518 Promachoi + 104 Thuerophoroi out of a level 48 position.

Then I decided to play more seriously this time.

I used that last payout as my new bank, and for two full weeks, I totally stopped to play Persians at all and built around 3,000 infantry units (Hoplites, Myrmidons and Spartan Hoplites), as without them I would have been condemned to sacrifice the troops I actually wanted to keep.

Then I Sent 1/3 of them, along with Promachoi, to the 3 topmost positions I was offered.

In my case, it was a level 62 (quest one), 61 and 60, in order.

I was intending to hit the level 60 without finishing it and conclude with another level,60 to get the payout without risking to underbank in case of a partial payout, but it was mostly defended with cavalry, so my bunch of infantry and phalanx, though representing only 80% of the Persian force, litterally busted them, 

There I got lucky, as the big payout came immediately : 481 Agemas + 87 Mounted Peltasts, worth 12.3 millions, for only 6 millions invested in all since the previous payout.

I suppose I had actually been overbanking from the previous ones, as I has never had such a tremendous rate.

Anyway, now I have a 12.4 millions (with the resources that were part of the payout) bank to pay back, and honestly, it's still working as before, and I know lots of other people who are still getting great results as well.

So only one thing has changed from the original system : now you get partial payouts every time you fisnish a position.

The solution is then pretty obvious : DO NOT FINISH POSITIONS.

Build your bank from unfinished positions, then go on to overbank at least 30%.

The reason is, after you've paid the bank back, you should trigger the big payout any moment, but remember there have never been 100% chances to get it immediately. Sometimes it could take 2 or 3 trials before it dropped, and this has not changed.

However, what has changed is you'll get partial payouts for each failed trial, so if you don't overbank, the partials may decrease your bank down to under the sweet spot.

That's why you just have to overbank a lot, so you're sure to get your real payout byt finishing a few positions. To know where you are, just substract the partial payouts values from your bank, it's as simple as that. If you're using the spreadsheet, just type negative quantities.

Trust me, it works all the time.

I agree it can take longer than before, but it still works, and the partial payouts are still adding to your army anyway.

As far as my discussions with Plarium are getting, I've been confirmed they've been addressing complaints from lazy people whinning about not getting immediate results, and unfortunately, they were so many to complain they answerd with this new method.

There's no plan to get back for now, so please, adapt and try the method i'm suggesting. It works great for me and other players, so there's no reason why it wouldn't work great for you as well.

The real concern is for people hitting vey high levels. Hitting one or two additional positions may become impossible to achieve and results are too uncertain.

This is an almost unsoluble problem so far, as you obviously can't get additional bunches of the necessary 120 millions worth troops just to overbank for safety.

So more than ever, try not to raise your maximum level too fast, unless you're prepared to be producing troops for months before gambling.
I pity the fool
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4 September, 2015, 11:17 AM UTC

I have just one question, fighting PP:s in the long term!


You fight 200 PP:s in a row and winning all time

Your quest PP stays at level 90

You mix fighting offensive and defensive PP:s, even though your main goal is fighting one of them.

You always Attack/Defend with the most suitable troop type

So the question is. If I hit the last one (200) at level 86 and it will bring me a (the) big reward. Will that gain me more than I have invested, or at least break even ?

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4 September, 2015, 1:06 PM UTC

Hello Archon,
In this case you will lose a lot more than you invested. Each level has a cap on the payouts you can receive. Only way to gain more, is to advanced in the PP level. Instead of doing 200 PPs below level 90, why not move up to level 100 and get a larger payout there?

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4 September, 2015, 3:01 PM UTC

Well, fighting higher levels cost even more "investments", before an eventually Big payout.

Cant really see the picture with that statement

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