Get Guaranteed Rewards at Persian Positions!

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11 July, 2015, 8:38 AM UTC

Old system rare reward pay u back almost all you have loses during the previous position you spend, with this new system it totally change the unit you gonna get during the big reward.


A big reward of old system reward you back with Phalanx or cavalry and never pay you with Light and Heavy

In new system the guarantee pay you alot light and heavy, and decrease in the big reward unit

when there is a big reward of 1000 Mounted peltast and 200 agema, in this new system it only reward you 700mounted peltast and 120 agema, where is the 300 mounted peltast and 80 agema go?

it simple, from various attempt of position that reward you with random type of unit of various type, each time it pay you, they decrease the bank deposit unit and start stocking in new fallen unit amount, till the end when you get big reward you actually gotten 20-30% of lower unit from various complete and the final reward payout gonna be decrease significantly.

YES it still a fully payout but come with various lower unit along.

want to use them to weaken the position they return 30% of the number you send......almost toke you 4-6 time sending the same class just to weaken the bar.........Time added in already take out 10-14 minute just to ensure this unit send and kill every single persian till none return. actually it not even helping us to save time instead it increase our time just to weaken an position......

Nothing in Common
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11 July, 2015, 2:24 PM UTC

Ok, let's do the math then, on the screenshots provided

Level 50 - Payout of aprox 7.2 Mil resources

Level 71 - Payout of aprox 19 Mil resources

Level 74 - Payout of aprox 23 Mil resources

I am comparing this with my own payouts on the old system (unfortunatelly that is all i have, perhaps you guys have more )

72 - 21,548,910

75 - 22,428,500

So in terms of payout resource value, nothing seem to have changed. The value is the same per level. Keep in mind there is always a +/-

So i see people keep asking about troops he used to clear them from the start. Unless the standard strength for levels 50,71 and 74 changed ( and i don't think it is the case ) he spent the exact army as before

So if the value of the payout did not changed and the army he used also, then nothing changed. He probably got a lot of small miserable payouts but keep in mind after the old system, there was nothing there. So it is good to have something to keep it going on imho

I want to see a screenshot of a payout for which i can look on old records and admit the payout is considerable lower

Keep in mind those small payouts are not the equivalent of previous only/big payouts, but of situations when clearing a position without getting anything. The standard payouts are the same





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12 July, 2015, 1:32 AM UTC

This is a bunch of BS!


all this talk about " BEFORE YOU HAD TO WAIT AND HIT POSITIONS FOR QUITE A LONG TIME UNTIL YOU GET 1 DECENT PAYOUT " ... i am sorry Mr. Moderator _ but that is BS, and you know it.


I could get 500 agema's and 200 thureophorus and pay that value back in 45 minutes and pull out 5% more than that in less than an hour, using the old system!


with the new system ... NOW THIS " ......YOU HAD TO WAIT AND HIT POSITIONS FOR QUITE A LONG TIME UNTIL YOU GET 1 DECENT PAYOUT " statement really applies to this new change perfectly!!


would you like to know how many hours of gameplay i had to spend before i could figure out and master the old system to a T ??... would you like to know how many hours i sat with teammates on teamspeak teaching them how to do persians in order to gain a massive standing army efficiently ... instead of blindly attacking and overspending... ?? _ and now?... now none of them are going to be doing persians... the veteran players are not doing persians... even the guys who are spartan calculators are not doing persians... because it is rubbish!... way to go, ruin the game for the players who have been playing for MONTHS and even YEARS!


Plarium tries to simplify the persians, for the idiots who do not also put in the time, research and practice like the rest of us ; by making the damned persians even more complicated and arduous than before??... now that's logic!

to me this smells like a great way to get new players to 'feel' as if they are making gains as well as to get the older players to throw wads of cash at their screens to get back all those good units they lost in the persians... making plarium sit back and rub their bellies.

it seems like every change made to this game is a business strategy to subtly get more people to throw cash at the game!... and no, i am not afraid of saying what goes through every single players mind on a weekly basis!


my recommendation to anyone reading this; the most sure fire way of being successful in raising an army now :RAID 12 TIMES A DAY TO GATHER RESOURCES - BUILD UNITS NON STOP, 24/7  .... IN THAT ORDER.


P.S. only benefit now is; i can go and attack the enemies that i know are strong persian players and be successful, because they wont have enough units left to defend themselves effectively! ;D _ A++ ! .... and plarium will be happy about that ; because the only way these poor sobs will get their armies back, is by spending stupendous amounts of cash! wow, smart business model.


well, Mr. Moderator _ i am done venting :) 

Good luck with trying to hold on to long time players and their credit cards ( not to mention their word of mouth ) and the ensuing bad reviews that may follow.


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12 July, 2015, 2:00 AM UTC

FastReD said:

hi all

public poll on the modified positions mechanics >>poll



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12 July, 2015, 3:56 AM UTC




Nothing in Common
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12 July, 2015, 8:01 AM UTC

i would recommend every1 to stay away from persians until plarium changes something, because it is only a waste of troops atm, u will loose, and u will loose badly. idk about lower levels, but at lvl 125 this new system will kill all your army and give u nothing in return, except a feeling that u have invested in the bank tons of troops, and at lvl 125 it starts from 10 m armies and goes up.

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12 July, 2015, 8:35 AM UTC

You're men only keep pilling up at the bank and with this guarantee reward being given, the bank never full and will keep eating you're army till it exploded with loses and finally you cant get them back even if there is big reward.

actually you already lose so much to gain so less.

Plarium do yourself a big favour, remove this kind of lousy and stupid system that you make at persians, we don't like it at all...stop drinking so much botox, it making you're crew getting numb.

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12 July, 2015, 10:10 AM UTC

if u had people that complain that never get anything from persians, why didnt you put resource pool bar on persians so ppl know when they will get payout (all senior players that know to play knew this even without that), im building now 2 milion in most expensive light heavy and phalax + chratage horses to prove that new system is crap if u wanted to help nubs that dont know to play the game and only think that they have to get and actually win offense and defense on persians why did you have to screw up every senior player u have by ruining system that actually worked ok, if u think ill hit with agemas and macedons to get payout heavy and light (graineaters) you must be joking, i see here some guys complaining that i know are killers on persians (100-125 positions) coz i know em in game and when they tell you this SAKS idk why u dont put a vote of having old system back or having this joke of a system...

put the vote about old system back/new system not the one with getting 30% of junk back lets see how it goes then!

Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice
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13 July, 2015, 12:33 AM UTC


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13 July, 2015, 12:39 AM UTC

TheElitePhantom said:

PrimeGuardian said:

Instead it turn into, how many you spend on that position it only return 30% as reward so how many time you do, it only 30% reward while the 70% is DEAD...and i mean DEAD that u cant eventually taken it back from what you lose.

Actually, you will eventually earn that 70% back.

when do we receive that 70% back ??? is a joke maybe! we lose all our army, in 4-6 positions with only 30% return, so, when and with what army do we play further, please? why is this so much greed, to force us to put money inside to buy, maybe, the rest of 70% ??? this is a bad dreams, is not fair from you, and a lot of players will left that so called "game"  shame! all game creators think only of own profit and destroy all fun in a game, nice option! 

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13 July, 2015, 12:51 AM UTC

Basileus Leonidas said:

Greetings all! 

I tried to provide you with more information on the changes, as  the update on Positions reward system may trigger a lot of questions (and I see it already).

1. Why did we decide to make these changes?

We have always received countless complaints from players claiming that "Positions weren’t working" or assuming that we’d changed the Positions payout system.

Some of our players thought that reward system was working incorrectly exclusively for them, as they would see huge rewards on screenshots shared on the Forums by other players, while receiving nothing (or only small rewards) themselves. One of the main problems was that players would end up losing most or all of their army before getting a reward.

This was a problem especially for new players who still hadn’t learned the intricacies of how Positions worked, and also for some of our veteran players, who were engaging higher-level Positions, where the gaps between payouts were significantly longer (but the rewards were bigger). So, we decided to alter the scheme to avoid this frustration.

Now, you will save some of your troops if you lose a battle against Xerxes. Sure, it’s not enough of an army to mount another attack right away, but it’s still better than losing after walking into a Persian ambush you weren’t prepared for!

2. Did my reward progression (in other words - Positions Bank) reset to zero?

No, Archons, all your results were not reset. You can continue hitting Positions and get the rewards you’ve been building up to.

3. Why do I get small rewards, despite numerous losses?

From now on, you get small rewards for every win. Gods feel that you deserve to get a prize for every victory. You worked hard to win a battle for the Position you should be rewarded for taking this challenge.

This doesn't mean that you won't also get those bigger rewards you used to get prior to the update. Those still happen – there’s just greater consistency now.

4. How do these frequent small rewards affect the overall reward system?

You'll need to hit more Positions in order to claim the big rewards you used to get. On the other hand, you will always receive bonus troops for a win.

5. Will we still get big, really big, rewards for Positions?

As we have added the rewards for every victory, the really big rewards will be rarer, but you can still get them if you keep fighting at the Positions.

>> Archons, be advised: changes to the rewards system were made with extreme care – our priority was to keep the overall rewards balance the same. <>

One more thing, every Archon has his / her own reward progression stage, so not all the advantages will immediately be obvious to everyone.

Give yourself some time to analyze the update.

The system is new, so you will need to commit some time and thought to it and recalibrate your strategy. This is a challenge that real Archons are faced with often!

If you still have any questions, feel free to leave them below.

we lose all our positions, no big reward at all, we take only 30% from our position, the question is, with what army do we play further, if my first remaining position is a level 80, and my last 125??? i must wait 3 more weeks to can defeat that first position, with, of course, no guarantee that i will have my big reward back??? bad system, believe me! bevore was bad days and good days, so, we stop at bad day and try tomorrow, maybe, but now, all are bad days? ok, we leave, if that is what you want!

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13 July, 2015, 12:55 AM UTC

Let me put this out there.

Most of the complaints on the new system... are exactly like the ones we get about the old system.

Some are answered by my earlier posts in the thread.

Few do not rely on exaggerations.

Almost none are written logically and clearly enough that I can forward a report directly to Plarium.

You guys keep booing away the people who learned the new system and want to help.

So, what do you guys want Plarium to hear? Give me your best shot.

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13 July, 2015, 1:08 AM UTC

Basileus Leonidas said:

Get Guaranteed Rewards at Persian Positions!

Defeat Xerxes' Forces and Save Your Warriors!


Our Scouts have gotten their hands on a messenger delivering documents from Xerxes to his armies!

The information we have received will be used to give you an advantage in your battles against Persian Positions!

1. New measures have been implemented in order to reduce Unit loss. From this point on, a percentage of all Units sent out to battle at Persian Positions will return unharmed in the event of lost battles.

The combat will be monitored, and if the Oracle foretells that the Persians will come out on top, new orders will be delivered to your warriors and 30% of them sent safely back to your City. You can then start regrouping and amassing a mightier force for your next attempt.

Be advised: This only applies if the fight is close. If you send an army that is too weak to a Position, your warriors won’t be saved before the Persians get to them!

2. The Position payout algorithm has also been altered. The gods reward those brave Archons who consistently show up for battle!

From now on, you can expect a guaranteed reward every time you clear a Persian Position, rather than the hit-or-miss system previously in place! While this means fewer giant rewards, it assures you'll never walk away from a Persian Position victorious but empty-handed.

Get out there and fight courageously, Archons, for victory is close at hand!

30% back, and the rest of 70% from our pocket? we lose 5-6 positions in a row, so, where is the win for us? for you is a lot, of course, you force players to put more and more money inside, and get rich, but we, what do we win from this game, where is the fun? wait another 2-3 position, with another, only 30% guaranteed reward is a bad joke for us, trust me, who will play further?

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13 July, 2015, 2:18 AM UTC

i don't like this new system change at persian position.

please change it back to the old system, i can't bare looking each complete position "guarantee reward" keep appearing but it weaker unit.

Nothing in Common
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13 July, 2015, 2:21 AM UTC

PrimeGuardian said:

i don't like this new system change at persian position.

please change it back to the old system, i can't bare looking each complete position "guarantee reward" keep appearing but it weaker unit.

I'll be sure to tell Plarium that PrimeGuardian doesn't like the new change. 

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13 July, 2015, 4:51 AM UTC

It will be difficult to give a decent or profound answer, simply because when you do the persians you have to work with a spreadsheet and another tactic now.

Before; payout +10% = next investment ==> next payout. These investments you did mostly with the rest 1 bar method. The method had 2 advantage; a) you could calculate when you had paid the bank back. b) You also knew where you could find your next pay out. 

Specially for the high ranked players this was of course important, because when in times of need of the payout they knew what to do. For the low ranked player (or starters) it was a nightmare, because most of the time they ended up with no troops at all anymore. And they didn't calculate at the start, so they didn't knew when the pay out would be ready.

For the moment, I have no opinion if the new system is better or worser. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I had my payout. So now it will be to calculate and restart with the persians to see if you still can gain troops yes or no. 

As it works now; for the low lvl players it will be an advantage; they always will have some troops back, so not completely empty. 

For the high ranked players, it will be a big chance of calculations and troop use. I can imagen when you do a high lvl persian position that you don't do that with jav's or swords or hoplites anymore. But what if your new payout gives you these troops ? Then you are forced to use these troops again, but also with a disadvantage to be able to recover your total losses you had spend on the persians. And these high ranked players just went up with the persians, just to be sure they had the amount of troops when they needed them and not only the amount, but also the type of troops they needed. With the new system, it seems not possible anymore. 






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13 July, 2015, 5:06 AM UTC

till now i didn,t even dare to send 1 or 2 unit to this persian position for few day after i test out with my army to see the big reward

Losing 400 agema, 250 macedonia cavalry, 680 thuerephoros, 250 cretan and 800 jav just to clear 7 position had weaken my whole army badly, and there is no way i'm gonna spend the rest of my army at acropolis to clear any positio from l39 to 60

because the feeling telling me that if i send them out, there no guarantee that there is big reward like other player often say...even have...those were my elite army and i don't wanna get big reward of phalanx when i send out this cavalry army.

also im starting to scare of using to much army to clear position till getting big reward......this new system directly causing terror to player,

scare of losing to much army to bank with 30% return each complete

scare of no big reward after few more completing position

scare of getting lower unit by sending the elite unit to complete the last bar

scare of losing most of you're elite unit during completing last bar

scare of getting big reward yet not cover the loses


this new system directly causing terror to the gameplay, ever since the loses i'm losing my faith of persian and the loses at bank never know when it gonna be return...

there is no way i'm gonna send out my cavalry unit for the big reward that i don't even know how many more need to hit....too scary

Nothing in Common
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13 July, 2015, 6:42 AM UTC

Test results are in.

This is the last big payout.

The next set of screenshots is just loading the bank.

This particular hit occurred before the last payout, but I thought you guys might want to see it weakened. Don't count this as a deposit for the next payout. Still weakening that pesky 101 quest position. Now that I finished the 101 offensive quest position, the 101 defense position turns into a regular position with regular payouts.

The current bank is 52,780,739. 110% of the last payout is 62,133,500. Estimated casualties of completing the desired payout position (the 101 former quest) is 1504 mounted peltasts, which would be 11,280,000 resources, pushing the bank to 64,060,739 resources, which should be a payout. Keep this number in mind.

Just to be safe, I'm actually going to overbank so that I can absolutely guarantee a payout on the next hit. This is an optional step, and you could probably hit the payout now, but I do it to ensure consistency. Turns out to overbank 4,218,000.

Now it's time for the payout. I didn't have 1504 mounted peltasts, so I used a mix of thorakites and mounted peltasts.

The total deposit comes out to be 69,446,739 and the payout comes out to be 65,731,060 resources. So I lost about 4 million. Now wait, doesn't that number seem familiar? It turns out to be what I overbanked. If I didn't overbank, I would have deposited 65,228,739 and profited by 502,321.

So sure I lost 4 million resources and 100k offense, but I got 700k more defense. 

A few important things to draw from this.

The deposit is what you lose minus what you gain.

The bank/payout algorithm still works.

High level positions do not pay out light/heavy infantry as some people think they do.

Have fun.

Edit: Grammar

P.S. It is now 2'o'clock in the morning and I am tired. Good night all. I'll be back to answer questions tomorrow.

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13 July, 2015, 10:50 AM UTC

+1 nice hits

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13 July, 2015, 1:48 PM UTC


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