Updated Item Panel

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10 August, 2017, 1:40 PM UTC

Updated Item Panel 

Manage Your Items Easier Than Ever Before


You can now find all your temporary bonus Items in the “My Items” panel.

From the panel, you can also manage your Dominion Status, Phylarch Points, and Coalition Effects.

A new purple button in the bottom left corner of the Castle interface takes you to this new feature.

In ""My Items"" you will be able to see which Items are currently activated and when they expire. It is also possible to get new Items or extend effects from the panel.

A new button in the Market’s “Misc” tab will take you to “My Items”. However, you can still manage Items from the Market directly if you prefer.

Important: Once you have activated an Item, it will appear next to the “My Items“ button on your Castle interface. Up to three Items can be displayed there at the same time, along with their expiry timers.

When a third Item is activated it will replace the purple button. If this happens, you can still access the My Items panel by clicking on any of the active icons.

This is truly a necessary tool for managing your Items. I expect you to make full use of this, Archon.

Basileus Leonidas

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