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Get a chance to win 10,000 Drachmas!

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Basileus Leonidas
7 February, 2017, 5:14 PM UTC

Share your tips for winning at Positions and get a chance to win 10,000 Drachmas!

Do you have some sound advice on how to always be successful at Positions? Perhaps you have a tried-and-true strategy you are willing to share. Go ahead and do so in the comments below! The author of the most useful tip will get 10,000 Drachmas! In addition, our Community Managers will contact the winner for an interview that will then be published on our Blog on!

Leave a comment if you have something to say about Positions! 

War doesn't determine who is right - only who is left.
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8 February, 2017, 3:09 PM UTC
No matter which method you prefer, be sure to do Persian Positions only with full stores. Having your warehouses and granaries full prevents receiving resources as a payout instead of troops. 
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9 February, 2017, 5:10 PM UTC
stay within your means,dont overstretch your abillities
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10 February, 2017, 4:06 PM UTC
always attack on their weak points, so spy them with one soldier and send the sort(s) of units that are the strongest against ther weaknesses (=what red positions have the least and what green positions have the most)
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11 February, 2017, 12:34 PM UTC
best is not to do pp, just ignore that option and do not do them, that way u will not end up loosing, cause u will end up loosing all the time sooner or later, no matter what strategy u use. it work fine until u get big pay out, and then it goes all wrong and too expensive
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11 February, 2017, 3:26 PM UTC

Why would Plarium ask that question? What has worked in the past for players has been quickly changed without notice. Some may be able to continue with Persians into the latest release of levels due to the size of their wallet though many have seen the light as Lyderis mentions.

I have known players to have banks far in excess of their last payout, close to double without the due reward.

I don't know why Plarium have chosen to punish some, their ethics are questionable without doubt, their conscience profit driven.
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11 February, 2017, 3:26 PM UTC
Use your lower level troops mostly with a  few of your heavies and phalanx level troops with pp and your rewards will be bigger. It's like a bank... whatever you put into the positions bank you will get back in rss and/or troops.
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12 February, 2017, 3:43 AM UTC

Everyone complains that the new PERSIJA do not let anything 'you do not know PLAY

A FEW MONTHS I made ARMY AND ONLY sent to destroy the approximate position to the bank RECHARGE IN THE PAST FEW DAYS WHEN BANK filled with positions for example 120-129 lvl then there is a big reward,I started to play with 61M OFF and now I have 94, my losses was 15mil per battle few days ago but 3 months I had losses with litht and heavy army, and when bank is filled up then I get Big reward, so you think HAD BIG PAYMENT tomorrow I hang Screen SHOT TO SEE. I was tracked persian positions and find out that i was get reward only at positions where i had losses, on levels that i am not attacked only sometimes there is no rewards. I hope that I helped you. For next big reward you need to losse all that you get early plus 20% losses, then you can get next big reward at same range of levels.

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12 February, 2017, 11:16 AM UTC

Here is Screen shoots and look up dates of battles , rewarsd was one to another like reply,

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12 February, 2017, 11:44 AM UTC

Last year also I was Expert for persian positions, and I think that I was first who defeated last level on , when I defeated last 130lvl there is no more positions available and then I stop playing positions for a while because there is no lvl available.

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13 February, 2017, 11:53 AM UTC
not yet
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14 February, 2017, 11:18 AM UTC

"Sound advice on how to always be successful at Positions" is a tall order, but I'm generally comfortable with my approach:

I am currently playing persian positions around level 80, therefore I am well aware that many other players are ahead of me; nevertheless I do feel that I'm generally on the right track regarding battle tactics and strategic approach in Persians scrimmages.

Having kept more or less close tabs on the rewards of persian position play, both direct and indirect ones, I find them at least as profitable as PvP or other battles and tournaments. On average I tend to lose 7% to 9% of troops battling persians with forces 8 to 10 times the opponent's strength, but these losses are generally outweighed by PP rewards, allowing me to come out even (or slightly better). The "secret" to coming out ahead is, in my opinion, to time PP battles with tournaments, missions and events which offer additional rewards, and to use all available boosts and other tools which help increase troop strength.

PvP tournaments do, in my opinion, offer slightly better rewards but also involve hidden costs. Scoring rewards in a PvP tournament is always a feel-good moment, but one does often forget that antagonizing neighbors, especially higher-level neighbors, also comes with costs that are difficult to quantify; not being able to build offensive units overnight because of constant raids and sieges by others is only one of several bothers that will up the cost of doing PvP's.

Strategies and Tactics

There are quite a few myths regarding the best approach to playing Persian positions, some have merit, some less so. But before getting to those, consider what it is you wish to accomplish

  1. Should you have not yet unlocked all city agreements, Persian Positions are a good way to reap rewards consisting of units you are not yet able to build yourself.

  2. Obviously, winning troops, scrolls, Drachmas, equipment and other perks and boosts is always welcome.

  3. Completing the Oracle Missions is also high on the list, given the good returns.

Now that we know what we want, the next question is how to get it. Here is some advice you’ll hear a lot in chat and on the Plarium forum:

  1. Use only light and heavy infantry.
  2. Always use a good unit mix.
  3. Filling your storage buildings to the hilt with resources will favourably affect PP rewards.
  4. Chip away at Persian positions with unneeded or unwanted units.
  5. Complete persian positions in order.
  6. Imperials do not score points when lost (since they don’t cost resources to build).

The above, although partly true, are as you might have noticed somewhat mutually exclusive. I’ve experimented with quite a few variations, and am now generally favouring this approach:

  1. “Scout” the position with 10 to 20 light units such as Swordsmen or Psilos.

  2. Examine the battle report and gauge where the Persians are weakest; remember that all units have strengths and weaknesses vs. specific unit types such as Infantry, Phalanx or Cavalry.

    Early on, I built myself a small table to keep track of unit strengths and weaknesses and the number of units needed to battle an opponent's unit mix, which is helpful not only against Persian troops.

  3. Make sure your resource storage is maxed out, PP rewards will include resources only if there is sufficient storage space. In absence of available storage, other PP prizes will be awarded.

  4. Remember to tweak your settings to your advantage, activating boosts, enhancers and other bonuses can easily add 50% or more to your nominal troop strength, such as …

    (a) Requip General to support selected unit types, for example favouring light and heavy infantry):

    (b) Reselect potions that will augment the strength of the selected unit types (unless you’re past potion level 6 and your potion selection is locked in).

    (c) Consider activating dominion if you persian attack is of epic proportions.

    (d) Select the Phylarch bonuses that best match what you will be doing.

    (e) Boosts, such as defensive, offensive or experience enhancers, are rare and expensive but if you plan on doing a series of position battles, which is usually a good idea, consider activating some of these to get the most out of your victories. Contrary to general lore, it IS possible to squeeze blood out of a turnip :-).

  5. Also, be sure to wait for the right time to attack; at least one apposite tourney (two would be better, such as PP and XP) should be running so as to make your points count. Also check the tourney rewards to make sure you’re getting what you need, not every PP tournament will offer the same rewards. If, in addition, you are able to complete a personal quest, an Oracle mission and/or a coalition or personal event on the side, then you’ll really have made your attack count.


  1. Never use champion units battling Persian Positions, the returns aren’t worth it.

  2. Generally, don’t commit any troops you are unable to replenish by training.

  3. If possible, select a unit mix that matches your build times rather than using light and heavy infantry exclusively. If for example, you are able to build 20 heavy infantry in the same time you build 4 phalanx or 2 cavalry, then rebuilding that mix will be quicker than building 60 heavy since the builds are concurrent.

  4. Make sure you have sufficient troops to play a position level. I tend to attack with a unit mix strength of at least 4x to 5x that of the Persians. If I lack the troops, chances are I'll have to compromise on the unit mix as well, and will be left with a gaping hole in my offense or defense.

Note: The (Old) Persian Positions table has always served me well when considering what unit strength I will need to invest to clear one position (there is also a new PP Table online).


Cheers Dio

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15 February, 2017, 9:24 AM UTC

Hello everyone. For new players, Persian positions can be fun. But they can also be confusing and dangerous to do. It is easy to lose many troops and not know what to do next. When I started, I had many questions. For example

*How strong is the Persian position? *Which troops should I send? *How many troops should I send?

*When should I do Persian positions? *What are some strategies to do Persian positions?

*Some players posted about ‘payout’ and ‘payout loan’. *What do ‘payout’ and ‘payout loan’ mean’?

*Why sometimes I get many troops for the reward but other times only a few troops or nothing?

*What are special mission levels? How are special mission levels different from regular Persian positions?

*What level should I do to get General infantry items, heavy infantry items, phalanx items, or cavalry items?

*Does anyone have some special advice or tools I can use to do the Persian positions better?

I am still learning. But I want to share some information that I learned with you. It can help make Persian positions easier to do and maybe help you get better results too.

Tip #1 - Know the Persian position strength potential. Each Persian position has a level. When you open your Oracle, you can see the level above the position. Each position has a basic offense or defense strength value. It means how much offense or defense you must attack with at the minimum. Player Fastred posted a very helpful chart of this information. You can see how strong the Persian position can be from the levels 1~150. Here is the link . This can help you check if you have enough troop strength to do the Persian position. How do you find your troop strength? When you click to attack a Persian position, you must then choose the troops you want to send. You move the slider left or right for more or less troops. When you do that, you can see on the bottom right ‘offense’ and ‘defense’. That is your troop strength. So for offense Persian positions, the ‘offense’ value should be strong. For defense Persian positions, the ‘defense’ value should be strong.

Tip#2 - Check the Persian position before you attack. Unfortunately you can’t send a scout to check the Persian position. But you can send just regular troops. For offense positions, just send 1 heavy infantry or 1 phalanx. For defense positions, just send 1 javelineer. After the battle, you can see the report. In the report, you can see what kind of troops and how many troops are at the Persian position. Here is a link to see an offense position report example . Here is a link to see a defense position report example .

Tip#3 - Know the differences between Persian troops, and know about Persian troop offense/defense position weaknesses.

There are 4 kinds of Persian troops –Dailamite (light infantry), Persian Archers (heavy infantry), Immortals (phalanx), and Asvaran (cavalry). The game uses the same troops for both offense and defense Persian positions. But each Persian troop has different attack and defense values against your troops. Here is a link to this information

For offense positions (red), the Persian troop is strongest when fighting the same kind of troop from you. For example, a Persian Dailamite (light infantry) is strongest when fighting your hoplite or soldier (light infantry). But it is weaker when fighting your heavy infantry, phalanx or cavalry. Also, the Persian offense position is weakest when you attack the kind of troops fewest in number. For example, your report shows many Dailamite, some Persian Archers, a few Immortals, and only 1 Asvaran. In this situation, the Persian position is very strong against your infantry attack, strong against your heavy infantry attack, weak against your phalanx attack, and weakest against your cavalry attack. Here is a link to help you calculate the Persian offense position strength from the report. It can also suggest what offense troops would be strongest against the position. .

For defense positions (green), the Persian troops have different strength values against your troops. You can see the differences in the wiki chart. Also, the Persian defense position is weakest when you defend against the kind of troops largest in number. This is the opposite of doing Persian offense positions. For example, your report shows some Dailamite, (light infantry), only 1 Persian Archer (heavy infantry), many Immortals (phalanx), and a few Asvaran (cavalry). In this situation, your defense is strongest if you defend with phalanx, strong with light infantry, weak with cavalry, and weakest with just heavy infantry. Remember that your defense troops are stronger against similar Persian troops (your defense infantry is stronger against Persian infantry, your defense heavy infantry is stronger against Persian heavy infantry, your defense phalanx is stronger against Persian phalanx, your defense cavalry is stronger against Persian cavalry). Here is a link to help calculate the Persian defense position strength from the report. It can suggest what defense troops would be strongest against the position too .

This information can help you decide what troops to use. This is good if you want to clear the position quickly but not lose many troops. Also, if the Persian position calculator shows that you can use two kinds of troops to get similar results, then send the lower level troops first in one attack and send the higher level troops later in another attack. For example, the calculator shows heavy infantry and phalanx could be good. So send some heavy infantry troops first. Then send some phalanx troops second. You can see the Persian troop strength in the calculator. So it can tell you how much strength you need to send. This way you can clear the position. You can also save some higher level phalanx troops but get the same result.

Tip #4 - Choose a strategy that is good for you. There are many reasons to do Persian positions. Sometimes you can get daily rewards from Persian position missions or bigger rewards from Persian position tournaments. You can also get special General items that can make your troops stronger. You can also get XP, resources and sometimes extra troops. You can use Persian positions to sacrifice troops quickly if you need to reduce your grain consumption too. You can also use Persian positions to sacrifice lower level troops (light infantry, heavy infantry) for higher level troops (phalanx, cavalry) with special rewards that you get once in a while. It is important to choose a goal that you want. Then, decide how many troops you can sacrifice that day or that week. If the goal is possible, do it. If the goal is not possible or too risky at that time, then wait. Build more troops and take a rest. The game will give you many chances to do these things in the future. Like the poker card game, it is easy to want to bet more money and continue to bet money even when you shouldn’t. So choose your goal carefully and play smart. Player Angel Dorantes posted very good information about this. Here is the link

Tip #5 - Know the payout system. The payout system is how the game rewards players for doing the Persian positions. The payout can be small or big, but it is usually big. Sometimes you do a Persian position and you can get a few troops back as a small reward. Sometimes you do some Persian positions and after a while you get many troops –usually high level troops- as a big reward. Each reward has a resource value. After you clear a Persian position, you will get a report. In the report, you will see some resources you got from the Persian position at the top left. You will also see troop rewards you got at the top right. For each Persian position you do, you need to calculate the reward resource value. This is [resources gained –top left- + troop resource value]. What is the troop resource value exactly? Here is a link to see the resource value of each troop  . For example, you do a Persian position. You get a small reward of 100 bronze, 100 wood, 100 grain, 5 Spartan hoplites and 50 javelineers. The resource value would be [100+100+100+(5x3520)+(50x120)] = 23900. For another example, after doing many Persian positions, you get a big reward. For example, 8000 bronze, 8000 wood, 8000 grain, 30 Mounted Peltasts and 10 Macedonia cavalry. The resource value would be [8000+8000+8000+(30x7500)+(10x19000)] = 439000.

The ‘payout’ begins when you get a big reward. The ‘payoutto you is like a loan from a bank. The loan is the resource value of the big reward. So in this situation above, the ‘loan’ is 439000 (resources). It means the game lends you 439000 worth of resources and troops. But at some time in the future, you need to pay back the ‘loan’. How do you pay back the loan? Each troop you lose has a resource value. When you lose a troop, you subtract the resource value from the loan. For example, you clear a Persian position and lose 1 hoplite. The resource value of 1 hoplite is 520. So you paid back 520 resources to the loan. The loan is now 439000 – 520 = 438480. This means, you still need to lose 438480 more resources minimum to pay back the loan. What if you get a small reward after you get your big payout? If you get a small reward, you must add the resource value to the loan. It means the game gives you more resources for your loan. But it also means the loan gets bigger. For example, you get a small reward of 10 soldiers. Each soldier has a resource value of 300. So the loan is now 438480 + (10x300) = 441480. Is there any fee or charge you must pay for the loan? Yes. The game charges a fee on the loan. No-one knows how much it is exactly. But players posted it is about 10-30% usually, sometimes more sometimes less. So in the situation above, we could expect a minimum fee of 10%. This means you also need to pay a minimum (439000 x .0.1) = 43900 more. That is the charge for the loan. So the new loan value would be 441480 + 43900 = 485380 minimum. This means, in this situation before you can get your next big ‘payout’, you must first pay back the loan + fee by sacrificing troops worth 485380 resources minimum.

There are also some things to remember. First, legendary, champion and imperial troops don’t have the same resource value for Persian positions. Some players posted that they have less or only a little value for Persian positions. So it is better not to use them. Second, troops you lose to do special missions don’t count. This means, every 5 levels after level 20, you can get a special mission quest. You can see the mission quests in the Oracle at the ‘mission’ tab. Here is a link to show the location of the mission quest tab  These are different and give you special one-time rewards. The rewards don’t change the loan. Also, the troops you lose to do the special mission don’t change the loan. Third, when you get a big payout, write down the position level. Later, when the loan is almost finished, try to do Persian positions at that level or close to that level. This can help get a similar payout. If you attack positions higher than the last payout level position, it can take more time before you get your next big payout. Third, each Persian position has 4 color bars below. Red, orange, orange-yellow, and yellow. Red means the position is very strong with many troops. Yellow means the position is weak with few troops. Before you pay back the loan, attack a few positions at the last payout level. But don’t kill them. Send small attacks. Lower the color bar to yellow. Then save them. When the loan + fee is almost paid, do the high level (1-bar) yellow positions. If you are lucky, you lose only some troops after the loan is paid. But you can get your next reward. If the reward doesn’t come, try a few lower level positions. Lose some troops. Then do a high level (1-bar) yellow position again close to your last payout level. The next payout will come and a new loan will start. It may take a few times to do. Last, decide what kind of troops you want to get from the next payout. If you want to get more defense troops, then do defense Persian positions when the loan is almost paid. If you want to get more offense troops, then do offense Persian positons when the loan is almost paid. Here is a good link about the Persian payout system. It also has good tips how to do Persian positions. .

Tip #6 - Know the Persian General item levels. Each time you win at a Persian position, you can get a special item. There are 4 types of offense items and 4 types of defense items. In the General screen, click on the item to use it (equip) or improve it (upgrade). Sometimes you can find chests with an item inside. Sometimes you can find keys to open chests. You can also buys keys and chest packages in the market if you have enough gold drachmas. If you want to get items only from Persian positions, then here are the levels to do. Persian positions level 1-20 can give items that make your light infantry stronger. Persian positions level 21-40 can give items that make your light infantry and heavy infantry stronger. Persian position level 41-60 can give items that make your light infantry, heavy infantry, and phalanx stronger. Persian positions level 61 or higher can give items that make your light infantry, heavy infantry, phalanx and cavalry stronger. Remember that the higher the Persian position level is, the harder it is. You will need more troops to do it. Also, after you go up to do higher level positions, you will get fewer lower level positions the next time. So, when you try to get General items, be sure you are ready for that change.

Tip #7 - Learn from other player experiences. Check the Sparta forum discussion page. It has many good posts about Persian position strategies and player achievements. You can also post your questions to other players and moderators, maybe to get some help that way too. Also, check the Plarium wiki, Youtube, Facebook, and the web. You can find new Persian position updates, comments and links. For example, here is a link to the Plarium Persion position masters wiki page . Here is a link to a very helpful Persian position Excel spreadsheet tool. It can help you with troop, loan and payout calculations easily .

From my experience, I can recommend a few basic things. First, when you do the Persian positions, use your special items. They make your troops stronger and you can sometimes get better results. For example, use the dominion activator, sanctum elixirs, phylarch bonuses, GPS bonuses, General item bonuses, and other special items from the market. Second, try to do the low level Persian positions each day. For example, easy levels 1-10. If you send your regular army, then you will probably not lose any troops or lose only a few small troops. You get items that you can ‘break’ into pieces. These pieces you need to upgrade General items and make them better. Some players go too quickly to do high level Persian positions. They get good General items but they don’t have enough pieces to upgrade them. Then they have difficulty to get enough pieces. The Persian positions they have are only high level. It means they must lose a lot of troops to get a few pieces. So, when you start to do Persian positions, spend some time (a few weeks, a month) to build up pieces from easy low level positions. Third, try to do new level Persian positions and quest missions during XP tournaments. You can get extra XP, so you can get more points and rewards at that time. Be patient. Wait for the chance. Also check the Persian position tournament reward page carefully. See how many tournament points you need exactly to get each reward. Set a goal that is possible for you to do. Then do Persian positions until you get enough points for that reward. If you do more than that, you lose troops without getting a reward. So that is not good. Fourth, make a Persian position tournament point chart. Write how many points for each Persian position level you do. This can help you make a plan later. You can better guess how many points you can get from the Persian positions you have. Then you can see what rewards are possible or not possible. Here is a link to an example .Fifth, before you try to get the big ‘payout’, decide if you want to get many resources too or not. Some players prefer to make the warehouses and grain houses full first before the payout. Then you can get more troops in the payout and less resources. But if you need resources for agreements or building upgrades at that time, don’t worry about it. Take some troops and get more resources in the payout instead. Both choices can be good. It depends on your situation.

Good luck!  

*If the post wins, I want to give some of the gold to some players that really helped me. If possible, specifically 500 gold to Fastred, 500 gold to Angel Dorantes, 500 gold to Diomedes, 500 gold to Alyona (mod), 500 gold to Drag-Theseus (mod), and 500 gold to Xena (mod). Thank you.

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15 February, 2017, 9:52 AM UTC

kjm said:

Hello everyone. For new players, Persian positions can be fun. But they can also be confusing [...]

Good morning KJM :-)

very impressive post, tyvm for your efforts! I'll reread it it more detail and look at the linked images and docs this eve as I'm currently at work (and customers keep threatening me with placing orders), but I'll certainly be rooting for you to win this challenge. :-)

Cheers Dio
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15 February, 2017, 10:29 AM UTC
Send in light and heavy inf bonused by general, (i built 2 sets of equip,1 for pvp and 1 for positions) until wore down to one power bar underneath position pic, then send all, changing out epuip in generals tab. This method costs a lot of lt and hvy inf, but you get back cav and phal...
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Alyona Kolomiitseva
Community Manager
15 February, 2017, 4:13 PM UTC
So many good tips in this thread! 
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15 February, 2017, 9:10 PM UTC

hope i will win the prize

Basileus Leonidas said:

Share your tips for winning at Positions and get a chance to win 10,000 Drachmas!

Do you have some sound advice on how to always be successful at Positions? Perhaps you have a tried-and-true strategy you are willing to share. Go ahead and do so in the comments below! The author of the most useful tip will get 10,000 Drachmas! In addition, our Community Managers will contact the winner for an interview that will then be published on our Blog on!

Leave a comment if you have something to say about Positions! 

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15 February, 2017, 9:11 PM UTC

Alyona Kolomiitseva said:

So many good tips in this thread! 
is there the tip to feel as the god(dess) of everything by playing?

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Alyona Kolomiitseva
Community Manager
16 February, 2017, 9:46 AM UTC
geoffroydaillauddecaseneuve said:
is there the tip to feel as the god(dess) of everything by playing?

Haven't heard of it :) Maybe you could share? :)
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18 February, 2017, 2:58 AM UTC troops 2,3,4 years before starting with pp and get full with res before pp

2.calculate last big payout,add 20%(not sure is it 20,because they dont want to tell me,its top secret,cia stuff),that is how much you must burn

3.send 1 sword on top off position,and 5-10 under top position

4.send 1 jav on top def position and 1 under top

5.turn off all elixiers,general stuff,dont activate any 10,20,50% power(first you must loose troops)

6.dont send wrong troops,look persian off def stats to see what are they weak off

7.use persian calculator,to know how much  power is needed to win position

7.a.dont burn imperial troops and dont use champion troops for pp

7.b. first send half,to see how much they will kill

7.c. send more but not to finish position,at the end send only few troops to leave only few persians alive

7.d.first burn top off position,then go 1 under.......

7.f. burn top def,burn 1 under top def

8.dont finish any position

9.calculate your loses,if you fill the bank+20% interest(if its 20,i dont know,i always burn more then 20%),then you are ready

10.look how much position's can give you as reward in resources

10.a. never go for payout on top position

11. there are few methods how to finish position to get horses or phalanax as rewards,i dont want to tell all 8)

12.there are more then 1 bank,so if you burn troops in different banks,you wont get nada

13.finish 1 bar position that can give you what you burned+little more,if no big payout,send back those troops on other position,burn little more

14.try next 1 bar position,poof you got big payout :) finish other 1 bar positions,you'll get more little payouts

15.finish top position

16.sometimes after big payout,you can get one more big payout,after finishing top lvl after big payout on next 1 bar position,it happened to me 3 times,how and why=i dont know,maybe i burned in that bank much more some time before and i didnt remember

17.hide troops in acropolis

17.a.if you could do burning part with lights,heavy's,phalanax,it would be great,but because troop build time,few years or decades,it is impossibly in one life time

18.check your power,did you made more power then you had before pp

19.look in your graveyard(infirmary) and start to cry


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