Take Part In the Position Championship NOW!

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14 October, 2016, 1:23 PM UTC

A New Tournament Has Arrived!

Take Part In the Position Championship NOW!


Something incredible has just arrived in Hellas – an incredible new Position Championship!

The Position Championship requires you to locate and successfully attack or defend Positions. The rules are simple - the more of the enemy you destroy, the more Tournament Points you will receive!

The Position Championship is divided into five Heats, including a final. Though all five Heats are open to Archons of all skill levels, each is more difficult than the last. The more difficult the Heat, the more Rewards you’ll be able to receive! And with the ability to compete in up to three Heats at a time, your chances of getting Rewards just got even better!

There isn’t a moment to waste – put your courage to the test today!

Basileus Leonidas

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14 October, 2016, 6:48 PM UTC
apart of loosing troops, the rewards are pathetic... no tournament for me :-)
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14 October, 2016, 7:55 PM UTC

I did took part of it, not ment to do it  by myself, but as a daily activity. Lost 15.610 units, what I all gained from previous PP's, but not any pay-out again yet to be able to continue the game. 

The rewards I gained for the moment but I have to have patients to collect them when the quest is over ;

120 sarisophoris or 240 troyans for heat 1


45 hoplites or 90 psilos for heat 2  

ranked 11 at heat 1, ranked 7 at heat 2 and ranked 42 at the current weekly rankings. 

I have used all the troops I gained at the positions, + all the troops I gained as reward at the previous PP's quests , all the troops I gained from coalition quests and all the troops I gained by daily loging in. 

All this was not enough to go from low lvl to high lvl at the PP's  and from pay-out to another pay-out for a PvE quest by Plarium Games  :s

Edit 1;

I don't raid anymore in the game, I don't build troops anymore in the game, I don' t go up in agreements, I do nothing at all anymore in the game. I don't even collect they tribute rewards,  because all the activity you do in the game to become stronger they simply steal all your efforts at the PP's. 

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15 October, 2016, 4:25 PM UTC

What a LOAD OF RUBBISH this latest tournament is. First competition iv'e come across where parts 2,3,4,5 finish before part 1. At least parts 2,3,4,5 finished sort of in the right order. Part 1 finishing last that's a joke. The awards for each phase of this "Tournament" are to say the least insulting. Whoever thought out this shambles should be sacked for gross negligence. 

You change all the rules and force everybody to go back through all the agreements again with levels that really can only be achieved by a player who has money to burn.

Then of course we have the Phylarch who "fights", (sorry Battles) in the arena to get points that enable you to amass Skills. This just seems to be another series of agreements by just a different name. 

You really need to get this mess sorted out so that we can get back to the game we all enjoy. There is a LOT of talk from people who are not happy with all the changes and thinking of leaving Sparta for good. This is not good for your bottom line, But there again i expect with ALL the changes you are expecting increase the profits.

Please, Please get this sorted out.

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23 October, 2016, 5:25 AM UTC

Yup,i will take part,just to sell  my kidney first >:(


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