New Agreement Levels!

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25 December, 2016, 8:40 PM UTC

dxr250 said:

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dxr250 said:

I really dont understand what everyone here (me included) is complaining about.....

Its great !!! Thanks to the new agreements proportional changes (mostly that as it is the most clear 1001% pay to win aspect) all is going great on Sparta..... Most of my friends wich were moderate buyers and try to base their game style on skilled and strategic gameplay arent even motivated to log in to this anymore ( not saying that i am ) So all the work and teaching guys how to play in a way that make them competative without sell their houses or cars to buy stuff here is wasted..... Ah yeah ... and every 3 hours i get to wave that stuppid kitchen knife thing to a fat or thin guy to progress ..... its a nice change from simply raid for resources lol (Even though i have nothing against the Amphitheater, that change actually benefits online time of players. Still with the motivation this money grinder gives me lately it annoys me to do that too) 

So all in all, a big thanks to Plarium for destroying a game that could be the best out of pure greed..... Sorry for not writing for a long period here anymore either.... Kinda feel its pointless too as i see the same pattern of a msg from moderators to us to propose things to better the game .... Meanwhile we have spend hours of our free time (wich should be used to play and enjoy to get away from real life stress ) to explain in details and with examples why we saw those changes as a game killer and most real gamers actually predicted here whats gonna happen because of them....

Well, cant say i am happy to see it and our predictions coming true.... But, as said before we tryed to warn and act against it to prevent it. So the fault is not on us (the gamers) side. 

Suggestion: Instead of constant massacer , capital etc tournaments with lower and lower rewards plus bigger reward steps, why dont you make a "Waste real $ tournament" instead. Where the team that manages to spend (waste) the biggest amount of real money in a given time frame wins ...? I mean , the rest of the game is pretty much the same anyway. Why waste time and programming resources to convert money into bits and bytes for same result? There is no strategy or skilled gameplay left in this anyway....

P.S. My reply to the next "make your suggestion to make this game better msg" is this: GO TO PAGE 1 OF THIS THREAD AND START READING!

Yup, I understand it mitigated the impact of a particular strategy that you used. But, you ARE over-reacting to this. You claim to be a strategist, therefore, you should know that there is plenty of strategy left in the game. (Would be nice if there is more, yes, always more strategy is better.)

I agree that the agreement changes have advantages and disadvantages, but overall, the agreement changes is for the better.

Let me try once more to explain. Maybe i did not make it clear enough. Personally i have put more money then most people would consider for sane for a game so trust me i have enough troops and extras in my city to keep up with those changes. However every team-coalition has also moderate buyers in it. Those get chased out by those changes wich has two effects towards all of us money players too.
A) Most importan is we lose many good friends wich see no point in try to keep chase this as they cant really be competative unless they intend to spend same or more money then we do (or did in past). So the biggest fun factor that was fight and exchange tips and strategy's with friends gets a huge hit. 
B) The cost gets even higher to maintain and keep playing our game style that we used too. Now trust me i know really well how much this has cost me so far and how much it costs per month to maintain my game style and battle style. Point beeing that cost was allready big, now plarium desides it gets even more expensive to keep on. Lets keep in mind.... Its a game in the end. 

Would you though mind to tell me wich exactly part you see as strategic in this game now? Example if i have put 10k $ on my city and army, and you only 500 or 1000 $ you wanna tell me how you intend to deal with me? And even if you ask for help from others to do so , you wanna tell me at wich money cost that battle will be? 

You don't have to explain your case again. I heard and understood it the first time You believe very strongly in your case, but, IMHO, you are not opening your mind and you are refusing to move on and to adapt when you got thrown a curve ball.

Here are your answers to questions:

Not going to share strategies with you. (No offense meant.) For all I know, you could be in BoK. There is certainly more to strategy in this game than you claim. Further, your favorite tactic that you used, just got mitigated, not eliminated. You should still be able to use it with good effect overall in your game.

How am I going to deal with you then if you spend USD10k? Easy - I either avoid you, or team up with a few friends and kill you, or use some other special tactics to hurt you (of which there are many). The only thing you need to be really worried about in this game, is a very smart coiner, and that is always going to be a problem regardless of the agreement changes or not. If you haven't realised yet that the average coiner is a potential PvP points bag regardless of the agreement changes, then hopefully you will soon.

Open your mind, turn it positive, move on, and kick some ass.

Merry Christmas

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25 December, 2016, 9:11 PM UTC

Also please consider the following:

If someone has spent many USD's on this game, and your view is that it must be as simple as the below to seriously hurt that player, then you aren't looking at the bigger picture here and/or, you want things too easy:

* Get him to raid you,

* Hope that he is either not that experienced, hope he is not good with numbers, hope he had to step AFK, hope his connection dropped.

* Do a simple timing attack with light / heavy offense troops with some boosts, 

* And wipe halve his offense extremely cost-effectively.

You have to realise that the whole system cannot work properly when things like this exist. (Again, it is not eliminated, the impact is mitigated.)

Yes, you can kill a player through other means that has spend thousands of USD's against only a few USD's spent by you, but it will not be easy and require a careful study of all important aspects of the game ... and that DOES make sense.

There is no way Plarium will reverse this change IMO, because they shouldn't. So as I said above, you need to look past the brick wall that got put in front of you and go around it.

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26 December, 2016, 4:12 AM UTC
tsunwu85rsa said:

* Hope that he is either not that experienced, hope he is not good with numbers, hope he had to step AFK, hope his connection dropped.

* Do a simple timing attack with light / heavy offense troops with some boosts, 

* And wipe halve his offense extremely cost-effectively.

.and IF all these come to pass, head for Las Vegas!!!  
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25 March, 2017, 6:13 PM UTC
interesting game
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Alyona Kolomiitseva
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27 March, 2017, 11:29 AM UTC
sueracheallangrell said:

interesting game
For how long are you playing it? :)
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