A new video about player suggestions!

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29 September, 2016, 5:00 PM UTC

A new video about player suggestions!

Watch it on Plarium's Youtube channel!

Our valued players often share feedback and ideas for what they would like to see in the game with us. Want to find out what happens to those suggestions? Curious what changes we might implement in the future?

If so, watch our latest video and subscribe to our channel! We have shared some inside information with you, and you can learn what our developers have coming down the pipeline.

Also, at the end of this video you will find out who won the Developers’ Choice Award of 5,000 Diamonds!

Leave a comment if you want to see more of this kind of content!

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25 October, 2016, 6:42 PM UTC

i have a suggestion i think your doing a better job when it comes to the marketing side of things the things i like to buy are being offered when money go's into my account thats wed morn so you know.

i know there are a lot of coiners that are well there is no nice way to put it dumb

your normal offers are good but when you offer those special offers that are not really special at all your normal offers become pathetic offers

and your special offers are just normal offers in disguise now i realise that a lot of coiners are not too bright but i do have an understanding of a bargain i am very upset because i had money to spend this week but you put those stupid one's on so now i cant spend any money

when it comes to me i'll give you some tips ok

tip no 1 if buying new troops from the market are under 50% then im going shopping at the infirmary we need 60% to go to the market

tip no 2 if those special dracma sales where you pick the box 1 of 3 if its only just 50% then you better throw in some troops and 4000 extra                dracmas anyone buying the 50% box when it has nothing extra just 42000 drac's is a MORON nothing special here

tip no 3 if the normal offers you know 200 dollars for troops and 79,500 dracs or 100 dollars for troops and 38,500dracs if they are lower than that

its because youre trying to make more profit and that really stinks dont make those offers less than normal if the offers are less than that wait dont buy your getting ripped off wait a few days till things go back to normal or even better still dont buy anything that week as a protest for being treated like an idiot.

nice to see your timing is getting better well this time but unfortunatly im not donating to pay your wages this week as we the consumer are being treated like idiots there are no specials this week. so the only thing worth buying is the 10 dollar 50% increase in troop values

no one should buy anything more than the 10 dollar 50% increase in troop values this week.To the person who planned out these so called specials SHAME SHAME SHAME no effort even to disguise the so called specials this week no effort at all

So nobody should spend untill the normal offers go back to normal thats a few days at least

Like i said im really bummed out because i have money to spend but there are no specials and even worse no normal offers on offer im very disapointed

In conclusion keep your money in your pockets this week spend up elsewhere plarium has no specials at all just the pretending to have specials week your timing in my case was good very good but your offers are so very lame and thats a shame

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11 November, 2016, 5:01 PM UTC
hahahahahahahaha this is funny. let me ask you this plarium where are our suggestions ?
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Community Manager
14 November, 2016, 11:51 AM UTC

BLADER said:

hahahahahahahaha this is funny. let me ask you this plarium where are our suggestions ?

If our devs accept the suggestion, it doesn't mean they start working on it right away. In most cases they need further discussions within their teams. They need to ask server/client devs/UX/UI designers how much time will it take. Also, they have a list of features and fixes with high priority. So they can't start working on our suggestions before they finish all urgent tasks. It happens sometimes that the whole team is busy for months (for example, client devs), and other teams could start working on the suggestion, but they won't be able to finish it without that busy team, and so on. So yes, actually it takes months to implement each suggestion. If it won't be declined after our meeting and after additional discussions with dev teams. 

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