Introducing A New XP Exhibition Tournament For Coalitions!

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5 August, 2016, 1:55 PM UTC

Introducing A New XP Exhibition Tournament For Coalitions!

Take Part In The Coalition XP Exhibition Now!

A message from the marathoners!


Hellas has never seen an August as hot as this one, Archon! But what’s really made things boil over is our epic Games of Olympia Event!

The first Tournament in the Event has arrived - the Coalition XP Exhibition!

This is our biggest Tournament EVER and offers bigger, better Rewards than have ever been seen in Hellas!

The task is simple - just earn XP! It doesn't matter how you earn these Points, only that you earn a lot of them! Show off your battle skills, take strides to develop your City, or amaze other Archons by Signing Agreements. In the Coalition XP Exhibition everything counts for you AND your Coalition!

The Coalition XP Exhibition lasts for an incredible 17 days, giving Archons who participate more opportunities than ever before to win unbelievable Rewards!

The task is clear, the terms are set. Hellas is yours for the taking!

Basileus Leonidas

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