Monumental New Feature! Coalition Capitals! Construct It For Free Today!

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Jason Bullet
7 April, 2016, 2:13 PM UTC

Rule Your Coalition From A Single Location! 


The gods have gifted their chosen warriors in Hellas with something truly remarkable: Coalition Capitals!

The battle to rule Hellas has never been more fiercely waged, and you mustn’t attempt to strike out on your own lest you be defeated!

To tilt the odds in your favor, your Coalition must come together and find one location from which to rule. The gods have heard your cries and gifted you with Coalition Capitals!

Coalition Capitals are special Buildings that bring together the forces of a Coalition and strengthen the armies of its Members. You can protect and upgrade your own Coalition Capital, or engage rival Capitals by attacking and downgrading them. If you are successful, this will see their Levels reduced, and limit the bonuses they are able to receive.

As if that wasn’t reason enough, having a central Coalition Capital allows your Coalition to develop Disciplines, which provide enormous bonuses to all your Coalition Members’ armies.


Coalition Capitals have 21 levels (0-20). When first constructed, Coalition Capitals will be at Level 3, but can be downgraded to zero by rival Coalitions. The higher the Level of your Coalition Capital, the greater the bonuses it is able to provide to your Coalition Members.

Each upgrade Level grants you additional Influence Points and increases the bonuses you are able to receive from your Disciplines.


Tools are required to Upgrade Coalition Capitals. They can be earned by either participating in certain Tournaments, or by purchasing them from the “Info” tab of your Coalition Capital.


When you construct your Coalition Capital, you also gain access to Disciplines. The “Disciplines” section of your Coalition Capital interface contains a variety of Disciplines. Developing these provides statistical bonuses to the armies of ALL Members of that Coalition.

Disciplines are not affected by attacks, and cannot be downgraded. Once developed to a certain Level, they will never drop below that Level.

To develop a Discipline, you’ll need Medals.


Medals are a special Coalition-only Resource that can be earned by participating in Coalition Missions and Tournaments, or by purchasing them with Drachmas when developing your Disciplines.


Each Coalition should work to downgrade other Coalitions’ Capitals. Firstly, downgrading rival Coalition Capitals keeps them from receiving bonuses. Secondly, downgrading other Coalition Capitals is vital for a Coalition hoping to upgrade their own Capital.

To downgrade a rival Coalition Capital, your Coalition must perform a successful attack on it.

If another Coalition successfully attacks your Coalition Capital while an upgrade is NOT in progress, your Coalition Capital will be downgraded by one Level, and 50% of the Tools spent on the upgrade to the lost Level will be returned to your Coalition.

If another Coalition manages to perform a successful attack on your Coalition Capital while it is being upgraded, the upgrade will fail, and your Capital will be downgraded by one Level. Your Coalition will be reimbursed 75% of the Tools spent on the attempted upgrade, as well as a further 50% of the Tools spent on the upgrade to the lost Level.

Important: Coalition Capitals cannot be downgraded more than ONCE per day.



COALITION CAPITALS can only be built on special Capital Foundations, which can be found on the Map and are scattered throughout Hellas.

Each Coalition may build only ONE Coalition Capital.

Only the Coalition Hegemon is able to initially construct your Coalition Capital.

To construct your Coalition Capital, go to the Map. From there, click on the large icon in the bottom-left to open the "Locate Capital Foundations" window, then click “Find Capital Foundations”. The rest is simple: find Capital Foundations in a place that suits you, then click "Place Capital".


Coalition Capital Pools are special Items that can be used to change an Capital’s location on the Map. Coalition Capital Pools can be acquired from the Market, within the “Special” tab.


Only Coalition Leaders – and those Coalition Members granted permission to do so – can:

  • Spend Tools to upgrade their Coalition Capital. Upgrading your Coalition Capital takes time, but this process can be sped up with the use of Drachmas. 
  • Use Coalition Capital Pools to relocate their Coalition Capital to a new location of their choosing. 
  • Use Medals to Develop a Coalition’s Discipline. You’d be wise to remember this information, Archon. If you need further clarification or information, view the “Guide” section in-game. 

REMEMBER: Only Coalitions that have been around for more than 7 days are able to create a Coalition Capital.

If you are the Hegemon of your Coalition, click on the “Build” button below to construct your Coalition Capital immediately! Set your Coalition on a path to victory over those seeking to defeat you!

Please note that I will be unable to respond to your private messages (with the exception of announcing the results of contests), review your tickets, or check your account information. All technical issues should be directed to our Support Team.
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Rob May
7 April, 2016, 2:20 PM UTC


Special thumbs up to new resources for upgrading and that you can buy them with drachmas....

So again no skill involved if you have fat coiner(s) in your coa, who just upgrade everything

and let rest of us collecting materials from tournaemnts for months....

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7 April, 2016, 3:06 PM UTC

I did not even read the message but heard about this on guild chat.

Having about zero information about this, I can say it can't be a good thing! 

When did ever Plarium bring us a good thing? 

Don't delete this post and read me in a few weeks !

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Shah I.F.S.
7 April, 2016, 5:49 PM UTC
It is great option instead of many unnecessary fights, it brings a greater cause for unity and achievement: but with a) special consideration for those coalitions who already have pantheons and are busy protecting them, and b) as long as it can not be bought by coin.  
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7 April, 2016, 6:10 PM UTC
Ugh. Nice concept. Elitist implementation. Coin away coiners....coin away...
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7 April, 2016, 9:21 PM UTC

who uses money in this game is stupid, my city is level 78 I have not used anything money, and I am since October 2014

when the plarium will give explanations of the cities "boot" that appeared on the map, giving resources for money ?!

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7 April, 2016, 9:52 PM UTC

If you build a Capitol can you close it again or are you stuck with it? 

I don't see the "Remove Capitol" button anywhere...

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8 April, 2016, 1:24 AM UTC
plarium, be nice and explain our benefits exacly, what do we receive for every level upgrading, for downgrading enemy capitals, etc. and what cost we have, we dont like to much your surprises, think at our fun too, long life! by the way, every player have some small amounts of drahmas won from tournaments, let us use to upgrade our capital, your level of drahmas participation are too high! so, many can help !
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8 April, 2016, 7:54 AM UTC

Vinicius said:

when the plarium will give explanations of the cities "boot" that appeared on the map, giving resources for money ?!

Hello Archon,

- "Bots", for "robots", not "boots"... :p People qualify these cities are "bots" because their creation and growth are automated.

- I can't udnerstand the second part. What do you mean, "giving resources for money" ? From whom ? To whom ?

These cities have been created by cheaters, automating online email account creation, then Plarium game accounts creations (so fast that all cities are located next to one another on the map, in circles (or actually polygonal segments) around the centre of the map, because each new account always create a new city immediately next to the previous one), all this using scripts.

It just means they have programmed a software that sends mouse clicks.  You can find lots of such scripting tools (they've been use to automate fishing in World of Warcraft for years : they can even scan the screen for a given event and react accordingly).

I've been recently told that most of the bot cities in Sparta come from one unique Russian player ("cheater" would probably be more accurate).

However, I can't understand why ou're talkign about money there. This guy probably has nothing better to do with his life, but I still can't see where it an be about money...

Yes I know there has been some scam messages around about sending you resources for money, so maybe you think this guy does this for this reason...

Well, it's probably absurd for many reasons:

- The scam was offering more resources than you can actually receive everyday. Quantities are quite small (unfortunately, as even trading from the amrket has limits), meaning the guys who sent those messages didn't know the game, and that you probably wouldn't have just lost your money).

- Seriously, resources are free already. All you have to do is to raid around, plus you still have to do it for quests in order to progress in the game, so why woudl you want more ? You can't build more in one day than your buildings speeds, and artisans take time s well to build and upgrade anyway.

- Most people do pilfer on these usually defenseless bot cities, so they probably can't produce much in the end. If this guy did this to get lots of free resources, he's probably bein completely overloaded with raids... :p At least, as many people stated, it helped lots of players ! :D

Chances are this guy did this for his own benefit, such as getting easy resources (some can probably still escape from other players greed ^^) or upgrading his hall of Xenia... But it looks like he just has offered easy farms to everybody instead (or at least to newcomers, as they much to far away for me).
I pity the fool
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8 April, 2016, 10:40 AM UTC

Alexander said:

plarium, be nice and explain our benefits exacly, what do we receive for every level upgrading, for downgrading enemy capitals, etc. and what cost we have, we dont like to much your surprises, think at our fun too, long life! by the way, every player have some small amounts of drahmas won from tournaments, let us use to upgrade our capital, your level of drahmas participation are too high! so, many can help !

Agree 100%

We do not have nearly enough information about this.

And yes, if accelerating upgrades must be based on Drachma it would  be good if members could send a little Drachma towards an upgrade rather than 1 member having to pay to finish it themselves.
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8 April, 2016, 3:18 PM UTC


1) how does a regular fully fledged Coalition member add troops to the capitol?

2) which defensive troops are best to use?

3) how does one withdraw resources from the Capitol when needed?

4) to attack a rival Capital do you use the same methods as you use in everyday play?


**also how will this effect Pantheons, will trying to maintain a Capitol jeopardise our Pantheons?



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8 April, 2016, 3:58 PM UTC


Regarding the Upgrade of a Capital:  Is 5 the only milestone level?  The guide seems to imply others but doesn't specify.

Thank you :)

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8 April, 2016, 7:37 PM UTC

Another update for big coalitions!

This game becomes s....!
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9 April, 2016, 1:03 AM UTC
This is a big waste of time and money
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9 April, 2016, 11:33 AM UTC


something is wrong. how to acquire tools multiple members? upgrade from lvl5 to lvl6 needs 16800 tools worth 8400 drachmas. if our coa have 4 members with 2100 drachmas how buy tools? is not fair only one person can buy tools. get tools in every tournament not only in pantheon tournament

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9 April, 2016, 12:05 PM UTC

How do medals get applied? We earn them through coalition missions but is the reward for each player or what I see at the end of the mission the total for the coalition?

Also are they automatically applied somewhere? We finished a coal mission yesterday and earned the maximum 90 and I don't see them in a pool
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9 April, 2016, 1:24 PM UTC
i have created a new coa and the capital button does not appear?  is that because my coa is too new, too small?   we had to move because our hegemon has left the game and we were without a leader to change the settings so that we could usse the system.  can you help
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9 April, 2016, 5:07 PM UTC

More information can be found here

Tools and medals go into a coalition balance managed by the hegemon and anyone else he gives permission to.

Level 5 is the only milestone. You can't downgrade a pantheon lower than level 5.

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9 April, 2016, 7:54 PM UTC

Very interesting and expensive addition to the game. The influence boost for adding and upgrading the capital is disproportionate to that of a pantheon.  In the first 12 hours, my coalition dropped 64 spots in the rankings.  Then when we built and quickly upgraded to lvl 8, we jumped 88 spots to the 20th spot.  In contrast, we did not move up when we took our pantheon, and had dropped a couple spots since.  So this is well out of line, and makes a mockery of the coalition ranks.  The only good thing about this, is that some of the top 50 coalitions that have since gone defunct are now gone.

One bug that I noticed, is that we did not receive all of our medals for the coalition mission.  We should have received 90 for yesterday's mission, but only 50 made it to the capital.

That said, the disciplines are a significant upgrade.

As Hegemon, my command staff and I would appreciate some further updates to facilitate our management of the capital.  Specifically, we would ask for the following:

  1. Update to the coalition stats adding a column for capital defense, just like is done for pantheon defense.  This would make it much easier to manage our coalition rankings and Orich rights.  Something which is already taking too much time.
  2. Allow players to buy tools and medals in small packages.  This way, we can all share in the cost of buying upgrades
  3. We noticed that players can purchase Drachs from the Capital screen.  As an alternative to request #2 above, allowing players to donate drachs to the capital in 100 drach increments would be a great way for us to get everyone involved.
  4. Please add a defense bonus to the Capital.  We have them for both cities and pantheons.
  5. Please refine the controls so that I do not have to grant complete control to palyers just to allow them to send defense, or to buy tools and medals.  I should not have to allow every member of the coalition to see what the capital defense is, in order to have them send defense.  Just like the pantheons.


P.S.  I know that this one is a reach.  But if we could enable the hegemon to control the Capital defense, to either a) return to the cities, or b) send directly to a pantheon, that would awesome, and true to form.
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10 April, 2016, 4:49 AM UTC

Medals should be earned from tournaments and coalition missions.

They go directly to the capital (to answer some questions above).

Spending crazy money there will certainly be another way for some coiners to raise in the rankings... This part is a bit disappointing, though, but it's more a matter of some players mentality than the game itslef, I guess...

I pity the fool
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