Exclusive banner for your Coalition!

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Basileus Leonidas
3 February, 2016, 9:33 AM UTC

Perpetuate the great feats of your Coalition! 

Attain the following Coalition Achievements and our designers will create an exclusive banner for your Coalition!

 - Chosen of Zeus (Level 5)

 - Stewards of Hades (Level 7) 

 - Heroes of the Ecumene (Level 3) 

 - The Brotherhood of Jason (Level 9) 

 - The Brotherhood of Achilles (Level 10)

 - Hammers of Hephaestus (Level 5) - Exalted of Sparta (Level 5) 

 - Children of Ares (Level 5) 

 After your Coalition has completed all of these Achievements, contact our Support Team at bit.ly/SpartaWoE_Support and let them know about your outstanding accomplishments! 

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