Mounted Peltast stats!

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12 July, 2017, 9:32 PM UTC

I'm not sure how it works, if all of those bonuses simply apply to the basic unit's value so that we just need to add all the percentages (I think that can reach +200%!) or if it's more complicated.

So I'll just pass :)

PS : I've been struggling a lot lately trying to look for specific threads that seem to hide from me... It would be cool if they could do something to help us find more easily threads we've been commenting in the past or answers to our comments, it's a big mess. anyway, once more I'll just post it there^^

Just for you, Alyona : more than a year ago, Leonidas started a thread asking us to tell about how Sparta changed our life. I answered, saying how my exams were coming up and that I would probably fail, since I had been foolish enough to waste my time here^^  You had asked me to let you know about how it went. And indeed, I got the results a couple weeks ago (yes, my results from 2015-2016, English and French administrations at their finest!), I will have do redo my year :)

PS': there is another thread where Leonidas asked us to give tips to new players, with a chance to win 10,000 drachmas I think, I also participated in that contest, along with another guy, but it seems to have disappeared altogether ! Any clue where I can find it ?

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12 July, 2017, 11:36 PM UTC

The "Search" is usually my best shot at finding old threads, though I agree that it too is faulty (double entries and results from other game forums). Perhaps someone misunderstood what creating a "spartan" Forum entails ;-). I seem to recall some talk about upgrading the forum, but I can't be sure, I'll ask if you like (or some Mod or CM out there might know?).


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27 July, 2017, 7:43 PM UTC

Thank you, I wasn't too familiar with the search option, I'll use it more often now.

I can't quite remember, indeed my comment appears in none of the 2 topics you found (though in the first one, there is the link to the same topic on the French forum, maybe it was there, but the link is not valid and I can't find the thread anymore), nevermind.

Thank you for the second one, that's the one :)

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Jose acosta
15 September, 2017, 2:39 PM UTC

Basileus Leonidas said:

Archons! The marathoners found a manuscript with detailed information on how every Archon can improve his Mounted Peltast stats! Gather around to learn more!

Mounted Peltast: average Defense points – 587.5

Light Infantry Defense – 400

Heavy Infantry Defense – 500

Phalanx Defense – 725

Cavalry Defense – 725

These characteristics can be improved by updating your "Corinth" Agreement, Coalition bonuses, Dominion Status bonuses, and Elixirs.

Updating your "Corinth" Agreement adds 40% to the Mounted Peltast stats. Elixir Level 12 gives you an opportunity to increase the Light Infantry Defense by 40%, Heavy Infantry Defense by 32%, Phalanx Defense by 16%, and Cavalry Defense by 12%. Do not forget about the Coalition bonus and the Dominion Status bonus (starting from Level 9) which can add 5% each.

The marathoners calculated the overall bonus that can be achieved:

Light Infantry Defense = 400 + (40% + 40% + 5% +5%) = 400 + 90% = 760

Heavy Infantry Defense = 500 + (40% + 32% + 5% +5%) = 500 + 82% = 910

Phalanx Defense = 725 + (40% + 16% + 5%+ 5%) = 725 + 66% = 1203.5

Cavalry Defense = 725 + (40% + 12% + 5% +5%) = 725 + 62% = 1174.5

So the average Defense of the Mounted Peltast can be increased from 587.5 to 1,012!

If you have 1,000 Mounted Peltasts in your City/Pantheon, upon improving their stats their overall Defense will increase from 587,500 to 1,012,000!

Save this manuscript and start using these tips right now to build the largest army in all Hellas!

esta información esta actualizada??? pingûino???
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16 September, 2017, 11:16 AM UTC

Jose acosta said:

esta información esta actualizada??? pingûino???

I can't vouch for the level 12 elixir values since I'm still working on those though I doubt that these have changed since Jan. 2016. Other values though are not included such as the Building Bonus (last 2 lumberyards and forges bonuses) since they simply didn't exist at the time (if I recall correctly).


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