Deciding Which Elixir to Use. HELP!!!!

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9 September, 2017, 9:10 PM UTC


   1st, allow me to give any potential advisors a quick run down of my situation. I currently have 3 level 9 elixirs in use, all 3 are offensive in nature: Cavalry, Phalanx, and Heavy. (Another important fact is the item improvements. Off: Light/Heavy - %34.1 Phalanx - %8.5 Cavalry - %0 Def: Light/Heavy - %21.5 Phalanx - %13 Cavalry - %3.5) The reason I have assigned them like that is that I focus on an offensive game, in both PP and PvP. Same goes for the allocation of more pieces towards offensive items. However, as time passes by I find myself with overly large numbers of defense units.  Several times I have found myself in a situation in which I NEED to go after a defensive position. Usually it is during a PP tourney and I find myself out of decent offensive targets. But I find time and time again that the losses I suffer I well above the expected range.

   2nd, so obviously I can no longer make use of Silver Caduceuses and Gold ones are simple too expensive for me as I am not a coiner. So, I have found myself seriously considering exchanging one of the offensive elixirs for a level 9 "Resistance" which would improve Light/Heavy units by %10 and Phalanx/Cavalry units by %18. This move would clearly help me reduce my losses. My question is two fold, and it goes like this: A) Which of my current elixirs could be substituted with the lowest loss in attacking power (keep in mind that I have considerable more Phalanx units then the other two types) and B) How much would the respective units gain (in defensive stats)

   I know this is alot to ask, but I am lost when it comes math so I have failed at trying deduce it on my own and since I don't have a Golden Cadeceus it would require destroying one of those level 9s 
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The Irate Penguin
10 September, 2017, 1:47 AM UTC

I'm afraid that this is kind of a "mathy" problem and there really isn't any good way around that

If you click the above image, you'll open a Google Sheets doc with an example which compares two possible scenarios for assigning portions. AFAIK the formulas are (still) correct, it's a copy from a similar, older sheet I once did up for myself, but do check results before relying on it blindly (that was my disclaimer to avoid litigation :-)

The idea is rather straightforward:

  1. enter the number of units of each type that you have
  2. enter values for scenarios A and B, for example by comparing 3 offensive and defensive potions
  3. then check the totals (or the chart) to compare them

I've added a few instructions in the sheet (top left) that might help.



PS: Besides sheer unit strength as a parameter for assigning bonuses, I often considered favouring those unit classes I use most often. For example, I had, for the longest time, assigned light infantry potions not because they added more total off and def but simply because I use them much more frequently.

PPS: This is a shared worksheet so you will possibly see others typing in their values or watching you typing in yours.

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10 September, 2017, 8:18 AM UTC

I have been in a similar spot before.

I decided to add an elixir to phalanx defense, and use the two other spots for offense elixirs.

Reason why I went with phalanx defense, is because Thorakite is easy to acquire from all the tournaments, and Thorakite's defense statistics are quite balanced, which means they are fairly reliable unit to stock for taking out defense positions when you need to.
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12 September, 2017, 6:46 PM UTC
mine are all Off elixiers as I play mainly an offence game 
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