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Andrew Adamson
3 November, 2017, 4:41 PM UTC

What has been your biggest achievement in Sparta?

The author of the best story will get 10,000 Drachmas. ✍️✍️✍️ Even if you don't win, you still have the chance to be interviewed for

Leave a comment if you have an experience to share.

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9 November, 2017, 2:48 PM UTC

My biggest achievement =  making some prediction to win 10000 drachmas that became true!! 

About a week ago, I had a dream.  In my dream, I made a post. I predicted that I could win 10000 drachmas. That could be my biggest achievement in Sparta.  It was the best dream.  I didn't want to wake up.  I never predicted something  and won.  It was very exciting!!

After waking up, I thought about another achievement.  It was my game mechanic tools.  I studied about the game. I checked some information, posts, calculators from other players.  Then I made some spreadsheets.  One part is a   detailed raid rotation cycle.  Another part is a  Persian Position analysis  tool.  Another part is a   tournment risk/reward system with point-goal levels. Another part is a  player research about army statistics, general items, usual play times, sieges, raid-trade details. Another part is about sales and special events.(etc.)  Someone said 'information is power'.   The tools can help me play better, so they can be  a good achievement. too 

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11 November, 2017, 9:59 PM UTC
My  biggest achievement in this game  keeping true to my  own  way to play...and  didn't back down to any bullies and cribabies from this game wich siege   a lot of cities  and think they are gods  of this   game ..making an big deal about sieges ..If u don't want to share resources then  i will  take the fight back to   you  till   i  will be stoping playing this game  ..not playing this game to make friends ..even big boys    cries..
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12 November, 2017, 1:07 PM UTC

My greatest achievement in Sparta is to continue playing the game after almost 2 years, seeing the huge armies that some have and knowing that without a visa it is impossible to fight against them. But there I continue ......... Why ???? I do not know.

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12 November, 2017, 10:06 PM UTC
I achieved level 80 in just under 6 months, without spending a penny. It just goes to show what you can achieve even as a non-coiner. I don't begrudge the coiners, more power to them. But play smart and you can achieve a lot, and get excellent satisfaction, without touching your wallet. Requirements: play smart, learn from everyone you can (the forums are especially good for this), and find a really good coalition to become a part of. And yes, it helps to have lots of time to devote to the game.
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Bill Almorra
13 November, 2017, 2:45 PM UTC

Enter the top 3 in the standings siege : Champions (all times) with more than 7000 sieges in the old days.

A lost battle is a battle that is believed to be lost
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14 November, 2017, 7:28 AM UTC

For me, the thing that I have accomplished in this game that has made me the most proud would be finishing 14th over all (at least in my league, I am at level 81) in the recent Flash PvE Tournament. I don't for sure know how many people play this game, or even just how many people are in just my league, but I do think this game is played all over the world. I have always suspected that close 100,000 people are in our community and wondered at how many hundreds of thousands may actually find joy in this microcosm of the ancient culture. But, even if it is on the lower side of the number I have in mind it is still an accomplishment that is no simple task. The awards that are given for tournaments are obviously rewarding, sometimes more so than others. Also, its not as if the 115 drachmas I was given on top of what I earned is going to suddenly make me able to purchase any item or amount of troops I set my heart on, so I do not want the reader of this tale to think that simple gift is the cause for the pride I felt bloom with in me when I saw my finishing position. No, the real pride comes from knowing that I out played ALL but THIRTEEN others in my league and let me tell you it was no mere task. 

I didn't set out with finishing in a top 20 place, I was simple clearing the normal range of positions I do most nights to continue to rack up pieces to raise my weapon and armor levels. But, I got lucky, when I bested a level 43 Off.Pos. I pulled up the report and was thrilled to discover I had earned over 1400 sarissophoros units! By luck the highest level position available to me, 88, had just slightly over 1500 defensive phalanx units. As any veteran Persian positions player knows, when facing off against defensive units you strike where they are soft. So, the units I won allowed me to easily dispatch that position, which in turn earned me close to 400 macedonians. So, I found myself sitting pretty at 9th place. 

After that first night I applied myself. I made a more consorted effort to take down higher up positions. Most times when I hit a return I was rewarded with just the right type of soldier I would need to clear the next position that was out of my grasp. "The Stars Lined Up", as they say. Truthfully, I could've finished closer to the top. I was in tenth place when I stopped playing and that was with 10 hours to go. I had plenty of mid-level positions available. I was simply beat. I am a little embarrassed to say at one point I played the game for 18 straight hours, LOL. But, all in all I am more proud of the end result of this particular tournament than in any other video game contest I have ever been involved in. Don't get me wrong, it's not as if I imagine its is an accomplishment worthy to be emblazoned on my gravestone, but I am proud of it. It brought me great joy when I saw that specially designated area above the normal results this morning. I wanted to share that story behind that Joy.

Thank You. Whether I Win or Lose matters not. You all have created a game that is truly timeless (even if it is set in a specific time) and I wouldn't be surprised if I never get bored of it. Part of the true genius is the achievement aspect of the game. Some are placed to be gotten quickly and fairly easily, but as you get to the higher levels they get harder and harder. At least for me, I find myself extending the time I set aside each day I play in order to get just a little closer. I would like to one day revel in the fact that I have accomplished the feat of besting them all. I hope whoever read this enjoyed digesting my tale as much as I enjoyed the crafting of it. Happy Holidays To All The Plarium Family!

                                                                        Joseph Ball (XPusher32)                     Buffalo, NY

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