Is it possible to succeed in Sparta without joining a Coalition?

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23 August, 2017, 1:35 PM UTC

Is it possible to succeed in Sparta without joining a Coalition?

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23 August, 2017, 8:33 PM UTC

my thoughts , 

being in a coalition will not help these days ,as in , not much benefits as new updates and features that get harder for coalitions are forced in the game ,  for example , being in a coalition offers coalition missions for members :-

as points for getting even a basic reward pack has not been doubled , but tripled , before it used to be 500k of raiding resources to get a basic reward pack , now its 2000k , haha 

so being in a coalition or not being in one doesnt matter , you wont get reward packs or other benefits either ways :) 

as things just keep getting harder and harder and players are getting more and more frustrated , as they lost all hope that things will get better :)

so its better all coalitions end and everyone become solo players  :)

these are my thoughts , 

in a coalition or not in one , doesnt matter these days. :)

The Punisher
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24 August, 2017, 11:04 PM UTC


there are two sides on the choice of being in a coal or not.

first of all if you are not in a coalition, people may think you're an offline member and raid you for resources so you will have a hard time letting people know that you are active.  

when being you're not in a coalition you pick your enemies and you fight them but there is a possibility that the enemy calls his coalition to do a joint action against you. But you will have the control of all your troops since you dont have a capital or pantheon to defend.

you can make friends when not in a coalition but those friends will not share their tips and tricks that easily as to a coalition member. So when being in a coalition you got a bigger chance of being a better player due to the help and info you get from co-members.

But to be successfull or not i would love to think that you have to be in a coalition to be successfull. The rewards in the tournaments can be bigger due to the 2.2 tournaments or the coalition tournaments. You are better protected and you can make alot of friends in the process. You will have alot more information in the process to be successfull.

but if you are in a coalition, you are bound to it so you have to follow orders (if you're a good member), you may not like these orders but you dont decide how the coalition runs, unless you're in the leadership.Nowadays there are more and more politics in place. There are many federations so you have to be carefull who you raid and who not when being in a coalition. but those politics may protect your city aswell against enemies. 

So i think you have to be in a coalition to be successfull but there are pro's and con's on both sides but for me the pro's are bigger when being in a coalition

Good day 


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28 August, 2017, 2:00 PM UTC

If the coalition are in the 900, you get the same chance than being without coalition.

If you are betwen 100 to 500, you get advantages : help of players, not feeling alone in the game

If you are in the top 100, you are definitively enjoying the game but having some rules depending on the coa, so not totaly free to act
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